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Petmate Chuckit Strato Medium Ball (2 Pack) For Dogs


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Barkbutler Just a Fooball Chew Dog Toy (S-M)


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Petmate Chuckit Flash Led Medium Ball For Dogs


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Petmate Chuckit Erratic Ball 2 Pack Small Dog Toy


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Buy Dog Ball Toys For all Breeds at PetsWorld 

One of the best toys you can give your dogs is ball toys. They are ideal for playing fetch with your dogs and also act as a stress buster for dogs when no one is around the house. Dog owners buy ball dog toys especially for their puppies as it satisfies the chewing needs of the little pups. 

At PetsWorld, you will see a wide array of dog ball toys that keeps your dogs active and healthy. The toys are from popular brands like Foaber, Kong, Petmate etc., which are known for manufacturing highly durable and engaging pet toys. 

Key Benefits of Dog Ball Toys

  • Stimulates physical exercise in dogs
  • Excellent for helping your dogs to lose weight
  • Keeps your dogs engaged when you are out of the house
  • Inculcate good behaviour in dogs during training
  • Ideal toy for all breeds of dogs

What Are the Different Types of Ball Toys Available at PetsWorld?

1) Tennis Balls

The best toys to play fetch with, Tennis Balls entices both puppies and adult dogs equally. They provide hours of entertainment for the dogs and also make them run for a long time. The popularity of Tennis Balls is such that they are mostly the first pick among dog owners when it comes to shedding excess weight in their dogs. At PetsWorld, you will see fine-quality tennis balls from top-quality brands that quickly make your dogs go crazy after it.

2) Squeaky Ball Toys

Dogs absolutely love squeaky ball toys because it brings out the inner wolf in them. In other words, sounds these toys produce mimics their prey in the wild and make them chase it instantly when they see it. Besides, these toys are just sheer fun to play with and fulfils the natural urge of chewing in both puppies and adult dogs. At PetsWorld, you can get a broad range of Squeaky ball dog toys which will keep your furry friends busy for hours.

3) Bounce Balls

Like squeaky toys, bouncing balls also mimics the prey in the wild, making your dogs run after it for hours. The way the ball bounces triggers their chasing instinct, and this is exactly what keeps them engrossed in it for a long time. Besides, they are ideal for a game like fetch, and it helps in boosting the bond between dogs and their owners. At PetsWorld, you will see a wide range of bounce balls at great discounts for dogs of all breeds and lifestages.

4) Rubber Ball

Rubber balls are entertaining toys that help dog owners to improve learning skills in dogs. This is because rubber balls have an erratic bounce and a pace that makes your dogs chase it relentlessly. Besides, these toys avoid the problem of biting from your dog as it acts as an excellent outlet for pent-up aggression in dogs. We at PetsWorld have in stock a number of fine quality rubber ball toys for all dog breeds.

5) Flash LED Ball

Flash LED Balls are the latest entry into the dog toys world, and they have become so popular among dog owners within no time. They have an enticing light-up feature and a squeaky sound which keeps the dogs engrossed on it for a long time. Also, they work by replaceable batteries that make the toy run for a long time. The bright colour of the Flash LED Ball makes these toys visible in the dark and is an ideal fun toy for all breeds of dogs.  

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