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Applaws Tuna Fillet with Salmon Wet Cat Tin Food 70g


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Applaws is a high quality cat food brand that brings delicious and nutritious gravy foods to your feline companion’s bowl. Their wide range of unique recipes and appetising flavours tempts even the selective of eaters. 

With a focus on gravy-based meals, Applaws offers nutritionally balanced diets that bolster the overall health and well-being of all breeds of cats. Each can and pouch of this brand is filled with fine-quality ingredients which makes the diet ideal for all felines. From succulent meats to wholesome vegetables, Applaws foods are packed with nutrition to bring out the best in your beloved cat. 

A diet like Applaws Chicken Breast in Wet Cat Food is a delectable canned gravy food suitable for all breeds of cats. It is made with complete natural ingredients and fulfils all the nutritional needs of your felines. This diet can also be mixed with any dry food to complete the appetite of those cats who are voracious eaters.

Coming to gravy foods in pouches, Applaws Chicken Breast With Pumpkin in Gravy is a scrumptious wet food that comes in a pouch. They are loaded with protein and also consist of essential vitamins and minerals that bolsters the overall immunity of the cats. 

Key Benefits of Applaws Gravy Cat Foods

  • Made with completely natural ingredients
  • Rich in protein for boosting strength and endurance
  • Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals for a strong immunity
  • Can also be mixed with dry foods for fulfilling the appetite of the cats
  • Consists of no artificial flavours and preservatives

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