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Buy Drools Dog and Cat Food Online at Best Deal

One of the renowned pet food brands in India, Drools is a house-hold name for millions of pet owners. This brand manufactures high-quality pet foods for both dogs and cats which gives them the best nourishment possible. 

Each and every diet of this brand is known for its wholesome and balanced formulation and it readily meets the dietary needs of your pets as well. Also, the diets are devoid of by-products, hormones or antibiotics making it totally edible for the pets. 

Drools Dog Food

At Drools, you can avail a wide range of dog foods according to the breed, age and lifestyle of your dog. All of them are loaded with top-quality nutrients to ensure excellent strength and a robust immune system in the canines. 

Mainly, Drools Dog Food ingredients include Real Chicken and Egg, which are simply irresistible for the dogs regardless of the breed they belong to. These are also a rich protein source for the dogs to build lean muscle mass and to maintain good bodily function as well. 

Other nutrients include Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which will ensure that your dogs have healthy skin. These essential fatty acids also boost brain functioning in the dogs, which improves their learning skills.

Benefits of Drools Dog Foods

  • Perfect kibble size that fit perfectly in the dog’s jaw
  • Fortified with all essential nutrients
  • Provides the dogs with optimum ratio of protein and energy
  • Antioxidants boost the overall immunity of dogs
  • Strengthens bones and joints
  • Easy to digest ingredients

Types of Drools Dog Food

Drools have in store a wide range of dog foods, which are categorised according to breeds, age, lifestyle as well as dietary needs. The nutritionally balanced formulation of all drool foods ensure healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients in the dogs, apart from the great taste these diets offer.

Let us take a look at the types of Drools dog food one by one,

  • Drools Puppy Food

Drools Puppy Food is an optimal diet for all those pups who are in their growing phase and needs maximum amount of nutrition. One such food available at PetsWorld is Drools Ultra Premium Canin Creek Puppy which helps in bolstering the health of puppies of all breeds. This diet consists of Taurine that maintains excellent cardiac functioning in the dogs and also supports good eyesight too.

  • Drools Veg Dog Food

DROOLS Daily Nutrition Adult 100% Vegetarian is a complete veg dog food from Drools that encourages healthy growth and development in the dogs. This is a dog food which has 100% of its ingredients from plants and it is super healthy for dogs as well. Besides, it contains a protein content of 24% that helps build strong muscle mass in the canines.

Drools Veg Dog Food has a crunchy kibble texture that supports good chewing in the dogs, while promoting good oral hygiene as well.

  • Drools Focus

Drools Focus is a super premium dog food designed by Drools that meets specific dietary needs of your dog. For example, a diet like Drools Focus Starter is specially created for weaning puppies who need an extra amount of protein, energy and other essential nutrients. This diet is also suitable for lactating dogs who require vital nutrients for both foetal development and milk production.

Its super premium all breed formula makes it an ideal dog food for all breeds of dogs.

  • Drools Wet Dog Food

Drools dog food gravy is rich in aroma for boosting the appetite of your dogs. They consist of a greater proportion of vitamins to support your dog’s health and immune system, promoting their longevity as well. Your dog will absolutely love a gravy food like Drools Adult Real Chicken And Liver Chunks Gravy owing to its delicious ingredients.

Drools Cat Food

Drools offers complete and balanced diets for both kittens as well as adult cats. The kibble size of Drools cat food is carefully designed to fit perfectly in the cat’s jaw. Besides, an adequate amount of fibre has been added to prevent the formation of hairballs in your feline’s stomach. Several essential vitamins and other organic minerals are present in Drool Cat Foods for maintaining good urinary pH health in the cats. 

Benefits of Drools Cat Food

  • Consists of delectable crunchy chunks
  • Support healthy skin and fur
  • Maintains a robust immune system
  • Controls hairball formation
  • Promotes excellent urinary health

Types of Drools Cat Food

At Drools, the cat foods are categorised according to the age, nutritional needs and lifestyle of the cats. At PetsWorld, you can avail these two following cat foods from Drools at great deals,

  • Drools Adult Cat Food

This is one of those Drools Dry Cat Food which is ideal for all grown up cats who need good nutrition for having excellent nourishment. One such diet is Drools Ocean Fish Cat Food which is a nutritionally balanced diet for all cats above 1 year old. The food contains an optimum ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that support excellent skin health and brain functioning in the cats. This diet is also supplemented with prebiotics to ensure excellent digestive health in the cats.

  • Drools Kitten Food

If you are looking to get some highly nutritious kitten foods at great deals, then look no further than Drool Kitten Foods. A diet like Drools Ocean Fish Kitten helps growing kittens to build strong muscles and also a robust immunity to resist infection and diseases. They also consist of a good amount of fibre that prevents hairball formation.

Drools Vet Pro Dog Food

These are prescription diets of Drools that support a faster recovery in pets suffering from various health issues. Almost all the wellness diets of Drools are recommended by vets as these diets often act as health boosters. These diets come under Drools as Drools Vet Pro Dog, and they are categorised as per the medical requirements in dogs. 

Some of the best prescription Drools Dog Foods are:

  • Drools Vet Pro Starter: Meets the nutritional needs of mother dog and her puppies during the first stages of life; gestation, birth, lactation, weaning and growth up to 2 months.
  • Drools Vet Pro Skin and Coat: Promotes excellent natural skin defence in dogs by providing them with nutrients like Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, Vitamins, Proteins, Organic zinc and Selenium.
  • Drools Vet Pro Hypoallergenic: This is a prescription diet ideal for all those canines who are experiencing food sensitivities and intolerances. The diet contains hydrolysed fish protein which is highly digestible and is also less likely to cause any allergic reaction.
  • Drools Vet Pro Gastrointestinal: Stress can be a major cause for microflora imbalance and digestive upset in the dogs. This prescription diet promotes nutritional restoration in dogs helping them to regain excellent digestive health.

Drools Dog Treats & Biscuits

The dog treats and biscuits from Drools brand go a long way in keeping good behaviour in dogs and also to train them effectively. They are also apt snacks to reward your dogs while teaching them basic commands. Here are some of the highly nutritious treats & biscuits from drools,

  • Drools Power Bites Treats

The Power Bites Dog Treats from PetsWorld are highly digestible snacks that serve as apt training treats for all breeds of dogs. They come in flavours like Chicken, Milk, Apple, Blueberry, Strawberry, Banana etc which is cherished by almost all the dogs out there. These treats suit all dog breeds and are 100% free of corn, soya and wheat etc, which are known to trigger allergies in dogs.

  • Drools Crunchy Biscuits

Drools Biscuits are crunchy and palatable treats that serve as excellent snacks for your dogs. These biscuits are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals that make your dogs active and healthy. Also, the texture of this treat is such that it reduces Tartar and Plaque buildup in the dogs and also makes the gums and teeth strong. Chicken and Egg are the main constituents of these biscuits, which are delicious and nutritious for all dogs. 

  • Drools Double Brush Dental Treat

The all natural double brush dental treat from Drools is one of the ideal treats to instil excellent dental hygiene in your dogs. These treats are infused with mint flavour to give your dogs a clean teeth and refreshing breath. Also, these treats offer a 360 degree cleansing action that proves as effective as the brushing of the teeth. Drools Double Brush Dental Treats are easy to digest and serve small, medium as well as large breed dogs. 

  • Drools Milk Bone Treat

One of the tastiest treats of this brand, Drools Milk Bone Treat is an ideal snack for dogs of all breeds and life stages. The milk flavour of this treat is absolutely delicious for the dogs and provides enough calcium content to boost the bone strength in dogs. Also, the special shape of this treat promotes good chewing behaviour in all dogs. Drools Milk Bone Treats are best to be served to the dogs between their meals and hold a shelf life of 2 years.

Benefits of Drools Dog Biscuits & Treats

  • Contains of delicious ingredients like Chicken, Milk, Strawberry, Apple, Blueberry etc. 
  • Ideal for rewarding dogs during training purposes
  • Rich in calcium and phosphorus for ensuring strong bones
  • Gives a refreshing breath in dogs
  • Suits all breeds of dogs

If you need more information about Drools Pet Food, please feel free to contact us at PetsWorld. 

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