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Buy Farmina Dog Food & Cat Food Online

Farmina is a popular pet food brand manufacturing super-quality diets for dogs and cats. The brand strives to develop the most natural and scientifically validated nutrition for pets. Apart from their regular diet, they also provide some highly effective prescription foods, which come under the name 'Farmina Vet Life’. The nutritional profile of this diet is formulated to support a faster recovery in dogs and cats from various illnesses.

At PetsWorld, we have a huge range of Farmina products to give your pet a richly nourishing diet worth cherishing. 

Types of Farmina Pet Foods

Several Farmina foods fulfil the unique dietary needs of both dogs and cats. Also, the diets are breed and life-stage specific, which basically covers almost all pets. All the pet foods from Farmina are preserved with natural antioxidants to preserve their taste as well as nutritional value. Here are the different types of Farmina Foods,

1) Farmina N&D Dog Food

 For Dogs, Farmina has various diets like N&D Quinoa Grain Free, N&D Ocean Grain Free, N&D Pumpkin Grain Free, Vet Life Canine, Team Breeder etc., offering nutrition that promises to bolster your canine’s health. Each of these foods satisfies the special nutritional needs of each dog.

Farmina dog food ingredients include Chicken, Lamb, Potato, Pumpkin, Pomegranate etc., which are tasty for almost all dogs. These ingredients offer nutrients like protein, fats, carbs etc., which all are vital for the well-being of the dogs.,  

We at PetsWorld also provide Farmina foods for puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs. You can also find N&D diets for specific dog breeds as well.

2) Farmina Puppy Food

Farmina designs high-quality puppy foods for Mini, Medium & Maxi breed dogs. The kibble size of the foods is such that it perfectly fits the jaws of the puppies and assists in good digestion. Some of the most delicious puppy foods from Farmina are N&D Chicken & Pomegranate Puppy Mini, Lamb & Blueberry Puppy Mini etc.

Benefits of Farmina Dog Foods in a Nutshell

  • Natural & Delicious foods that suit all breeds
  • The aroma and flavour of meat tempt almost all dogs
  • It consists of essential fatty acids for boosting skin and coat health
  • Dietary antioxidants for reducing the ageing process in dogs
  • 100% free of GMO and artificial preservatives

2) Farmina N&D Cat Food

For cats, we have diets like N&D Prime Grain, N&D Grain Free Fish & Orange. They consist of meat ingredients like Chicken and Fish that provide the cats with enough protein content to build good muscle mass and endurance.

Fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6 play a vital role in improving the skin health and brain functioning of cats. Also, Farmina N&D Cat Food offers Vitamin C to the cats, which helps them in keeping infections at bay.

Above all, N&D Cat Foods are free from GMO and other artificial preservatives, making them absolutely safe for cats.

3) Farmina Matisse Cat Food

Diets like Matisse serve top-notch diets for kittens and adult cats as well as neutered cats. Matisse Chicken and Rice, Matisse Salmon and Tuna are some of the highly delectable and nutritionally complete diets for cats. The best thing about Matisse Cat Food is that they are ideal for all cat breeds and fulfil the dietary demands of each one of them. Their main ingredients are Chicken, Rice, and Fish is alluring for almost all the cats out there.

Besides, they are rich in essential fatty acids that bolster the skin and coat health in cats. 

Benefits of Farmina Cat Food in a Nutshell

  • It consists of Chicken, Fish and Lamb and tempts even the choosiest cats.
  • Essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6 improve skin health
  • It contains Taurine, which improves the functioning of the heart
  • Important vitamins and minerals support a healthy urinary tract
  • Natural antioxidants build a strong immunity to fight infection and diseases

At PetsWorld, we consider your pet’s health our highest priority and hence by providing diets from a leading brand like Farmina, we strive to instil health and strength of the highest order in them. 

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