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Sheba Dry & Wet Gravy Cat Food & Treats

Cats have a sophisticated appetite and selective taste. Due to this, owners have to buy those cat foods, which can tempt even the fussiest of eaters. One should know that cats feeling a slightest  sense of distaste can instantly turn their nose up at the bowl.

 To solve this problem, we at PetsWorld offer you some fantastic cat foods and tasty treats from a globally renowned brand called Sheba for enticing the choosiest of cats. You will find here a wide array of dry cat foods, wet cat foods, savoury soup broths, and meat stick treats of irresistible flavours. Apart from great taste,  Sheba cat food ingredients are known for its health-boosting properties, thanks to the vital nutrients present inside the diet. 

Sheba Cat Foods

If you were to look at the cat foods, Sheba has in store some of the most delectable dry and wet cat foods you will ever find online. Many cat owners prefer Sheba as their diets offer the necessary nutrition each feline requires to thrive.

Sheba Cat Food ingredients include Chicken, Salmon, Maguro & Bream, Skipjack Tuna, Pumpkin, Carrot, Sasami etc, which are all too yummy to resist for your felines. The real chicken meat present in Sheba is loaded with top-notch protein that endows the cats with good muscle mass and strength. Fish like Salmon, Tuna, Maguro is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that boost skin health and soothes inflammation in all cats. 

Key Benefits of Sheba Cat Foods

  • Top-notch chicken and fish flavour tempts even the fussiest of eaters
  • Adequate fat content for keeping the cats energetic at all time
  • Essential vitamins and minerals for strengthen immunity
  • Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids fortify skin health and boosts eyesight
  • Consists of Taurine that ensures good cardiac health in felines.
  • Great calorific value in smaller servings

What are Some of the Best Sheba Wet Foods Available at PetsWorld?

At PetsWorld, there is a wide range of Wet Sheba Cat Food that serves the nutritional requirements of cats of all breeds and life stages. Below are two of the best foods from this popular brand,

1) Sheba Premium Wet Cat Food Chicken With Tuna in Gravy: This is one of the best diets for your cats if they love having both chicken and fish. The diet consists of Chicken and Tuna as the prime ingredients and is protein rich to help build lean muscle mass in cats. Also, vital minerals like Taurine and Vitamin E ensure good metabolism and robust immunity in the cats.

2) Sheba Rich Premium Adult Fine Wet Cat Food Chicken Loaf:  One of the best wet cat foods for chicken lovers, Sheba Rich Premium Adult Fine Wet Cat Food Chicken Loaf is a complete health booster. This diet contains Chicken and Whitefish flavour that boosts muscle growth owing to its high protein content. Natural antioxidants present in the diet helps in building a strong immunity in the cats. 

Sheba Cat Food For Kittens

Kittens need a power-packed diet to have an ideal growth and also to keep up excellent natural defence. Besides, they need vital minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and iron to help build strong bones and teeth.

A diet like Sheba Rich Premium Kitten (2-12 Months) Fine Wet Cat Food, Chicken Loaf provide your cats with all the essential nutrients to sustain healthy growth and well-being. This cat food is in an easy to chew format and has a high moisture content that keeps your little kittens well-hydrated. 

Key Benefits of Sheba Kitten Food Premium Chicken Loaf

  • Delectable chicken flavour tempts all kittens
  • Rich protein content for building good muscle mass
  • Taurine improves heart health and eye vision
  • Minerals like Calcium & Phosphorus strengthens bones and teeth
  • Comes in an easy to chew format

Sheba Cat Treats

Cat Treats play a vital role in boosting the overall relationship between you and your beloved cat. Besides, it helps in encouraging positive behaviour in cats especially if the treats are made with meat based ingredients like Chicken and Fish. We at PetsWorld have in store a broad range of Sheba Creamy Treats that entices even the most pickiest of eaters. 

Sheba Cat Treat ingredients include Tuna, Prawn, Chicken, Whitefish, Maguro etc, which all are irresistible flavours for almost all cats. These meats are rich in protein, fats, fibres and other nutrients to keep the felines in excellent shape. The special blend of taste as well as nutrition makes Sheba Treats one of the best cat treats in the business.

Key Benefits of Sheba Creamy Cat Treats

  • Yummy treats having irresistible taste and creamy texture
  • Consists of high protein content for good muscle mass
  • Sleek stick format of the treat boosts the bond between cat and owners
  • Moisture content upto 90% that keeps the cats well hydrated
  • Organic fibres in the treat boosts digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Ideal cat treat for kittens and adult cats.

What are Some of the Best Sheba Cat Treats at PetsWorld?

At PetsWorld, you will find several Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks Cat Treats which are sure to make your cats drool over it for a long time. Sheba Cat Treats come in Salmon flavor, Tuna & Chicken flavor, each of them proving absolutely yummy for the cats. Some of the best Sheba Melty Cat Treats available at PetsWorld are as follows:

1) Sheba Melty, Premium Creamy Cat Treat, Chicken and Chicken & Whitefish: This is a luscious cat treat from Sheba that bolsters the overall health of all cats owing to its copious meat and fish content. Chicken & Whitefish together form a great source of protein for cats to build strong muscle mass. Besides high moisture content, it also ensures a healthy digestion and reduced hairball formation in the felines.

2) Sheba Melty, Premium Creamy Cat Treat, Tuna and Tuna & Seafood: This is a yummy cat treat that offers great calorific value in a small, convenient serving size. Tuna is a fish which is loved by all cats and hence this treat would suit all breeds of cats. If your cat likes to savour fish meat, then look no further than this delectable treat from Sheba. 

Lastly, all Sheba Melty Cat Treats come in a sleek stick format which lets you feed the cats directly through your hands. It helps tremendously to boost the bond between you and your lovely cat.

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