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Tito Boo UnScented Premium Clumping Cat Litter 2 kg


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Litter Cleaning Made Easy With Tito Boo! Get Yours Now.

Tito Boo is a premium clumping cat litter that keeps excellent hygiene in your beloved cats, while tremendously reducing your cleaning work as well. The cat litter from the brand has an advanced clumping formula that forms tight and solid clumps allowing you to remove the wastes quickly and efficiently. With Tito Boo, you can spend less time on litter duty and more quality time with your beloved pet.

At PetsWorld, you will find a cat litter like Tito Boo Unscented Premium Clumping Cat Litter which not only neutralises bad odour in the litter but also offers a consistent dry clumping. Besides, it absorbs moisture twice as fast as other traditional cat litter and is 99% chemical and dust-free.

Another cat litter from this brand is Tito Boo Advanced Clump Lavender & Lemon Scent Cat Litter that forms compact clumps, which reduces mess and is incredibly easy to scoop as well. Moreover, the Lavender & Lemon Fragrance provide a refreshing fragrance as well.

Key Benefits of Tito Boo Cat Litter

  • Consists of fine granules which are gentle on your cat’s paws
  • Forms compact clumps instantly
  • High moisture absorption rate
  • Incredible easy to scoop
  • Eliminates bad odour effectively

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