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Whiskas, the premium cat food, is a part of Mars Inc., a hugely popular and successful American organisation managing several world-famous brands under its umbrella. The brand was originally named as Kal Kan cat food, when it was established in 1936, making it one of the oldest cat foods in the world. 

Coming in pretty purple cans, pouches or trays, Whiskas Brand offers chicken and fish-based dry and wet range of delicious and nutritive preparations. This blend provides for the unique needs of all cats and kittens. Also, all cats have a physiological disposition that makes them heavily dependent on animal flesh to fulfil their vital body needs.

What Are the Different Types of Whiskas Cat Food?

At PetsWorld, you will see a wide range of Whiskas products lined up here at competitive prices. The brand’s food mainly comes in two types, Whiskas Dry Cat Food and Whiskas Wet Cat Food. Both of these foods have their own benefits and serve the essential dietary needs of your lovely felines. 

To help you get a better idea of all Whiskas diets, we have provided a detailed analysis of all the foods of this brand. Here it goes, 

Whiskas Dry Cat Food

Whiskas Cat Dry Food is beneficial for cats as they help in boosting their dental health due to the crunchy kibbles. Also, dry Foods also have a longer shelf life, even after opening, which makes it cost-effective. At PetsWorld, you will find a broad array of Whiskas Dry Cat Foods that bolsters the overall health of your felines. But before that, you should understand the benefits of feeding top-notch dry cat foods of Whiskas to your cats.

Benefits of Whiskas Dry Cat Food

  • Comes in delicious flavours like Chicken, Fish, Tuna, Grilled Saba, Mackerel, Ocean Fish etc.
  • Crunchy kibble texture promotes excellent chewing behaviour in cats.
  • Fortified with rich protein content for preserving good muscle mass.
  • Provides with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids for instilling superb skin health
  • Natural antioxidants like Vitamin E and Taurine endows your cats with excellent immunity. 
  • Easy to serve and cost-effective as well.

Two of the best Whiskas Adult Cat Foods are as follows,

1)  Whiskas Tuna Dry Cat Food: It is one of the best cat foods in dry form that offers high-quality nutrition to your felines. This diet consists of Tuna as the chief ingredient which is simply irresistible for the cats. Also, a high protein content offered by this diet builds muscle mass and endurance in the felines. For boosting the digestive health of your cats, natural fibres have been added which also ensures a higher nutrient absorption as well.

2) Whiskas Mackerel Dry Cat Food: This is a crunchy dry cat food from Whiskas which is made with Real Fish and Chicken Flavour. In this diet, all the necessary nutrients have been added to take care of the dietary needs of the cats. To improve the skin health and eyesight of the cats, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids have been added in an ideal proportion. Lastly, a complete and balanced nutritional content of this diet ensures a healthy bodyweight in the cats as well.

Whiskas Wet Cat Food

Whiskas Wet Food mainly comes in pouches and is known for its healthy moisture content to ensure excellent hydration in the cats,  Almost all wet cat foods have at least 80 percent of moisture content which proves a blessing for cats especially during the summers. Also, Whiskas Gravy Cat Food comes in yummy flavours like Tuna, Chicken, Salmon, Ocean, Kanikama, Carrot etc. 

Benefits of Whiskas Wet Cat Foods

  • Comes in luscious flavours like Chicken, Tuna, Salmon, Kanikama, Carrot, Ocean Fish etc.
  • High in protein for promoting lean body mass
  • Adds more variety to the diet due its incredible gravy form
  • Healthy fat content for meeting the energy requirements of active cats.
  • Better overall hydration as gravy foods consist of over 80% moisture content

Here are two of the best Whiskas Cat Food Wet available at PetsWorld:

1) Whiskas Wet Cat Food Tuna in Jelly:  This is a gravy food that has a tempting aroma of Tuna Flavour, which entices almost all the cats out there. Also, Tuna is a Fish that offers extensive protein content for preserving lean muscle in cats. This gravy food being in a jelly form helps tremendously to boost the urinary health of the cats. Lastly, almost all essential nutrients are present in this food to boost metabolism as well as the immunity of the cats.

2) Whiskas Cat Food Chicken in Gravy: This is one of the most delicious cat foods in Whiskas for your felines. Chicken is a food which is enjoyed by all cats and holds enough protein content to build muscle mass as well as strength.  Whiskas Wet Food Chicken in Gravy is packed with Zinc and Omega fatty acids that improve skin health and also the defence mechanism in the felines. 

Apart from this, Whiskas bring various combinations of nutrients and flavours (like Sardine and Trout, Tuna in Jelly, Mackerel and Salmon), which satisfies the fundamental requirements of the cat. These cat foods also promote the overall health and happiness of the furry feline. 

Whiskas Kitten Foods

Kittens during their growth phase need a power-packed diet filled with nutrients like protein, fats, fibres, vitamins and other essential minerals. Whiskas Kitten Foods ticks all the boxes when it comes to providing your beloved felines with top-notch nutrition. Here are some of the best kitten foods from Whiskas available at PetsWorld.  

1) Whiskas Mackerel Kitten: It has 41 essential nutrients that support healthy growth in them. It is infact a kitten food that provides baby cats with healthy bones, coat and eyesight. Also, the antioxidants present in Whiskas Mackerel Kitten bolsters the kitten’s immune system which helps them fight infections and diseases.

2) Whiskas Kitten Food Chicken in Gravy: This is one of the best Whiskas Kitten Wet Foods you can feed your cats. The diet offers the goodness and essence of Real Chicken and provides an ample amount of protein content to promote muscle growth as well as strength. All the essential vitamins and minerals present in the diet for supporting excellent urinary health in the kitten and to give them strong immunity against various illnesses.  

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