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A happy and fun-loving dog, Beagle is an ideal companion to adults and kids alike. They have a powerful smelling instinct and would chase a scent till they find the source. Regardless, they are among the best apartment dogs today.

Average sizes and life expectancy of the breed


33-41 cm


9-11 kg


12-15 years







Characteristics of the Beagle

Beagles are gentle, loving and friendly and are a big time favourite among dog lovers. They belong to the breed of Small hound having a great sense of smell and a powerful tracking instinct. They are most happy when they are busy chasing a smell or finding something by digging, The word Beagle translates to “loudmouth” in French on account of the Beagle’s barking and howling nature. They can be a bit noisy if they are left alone, and hence, people should own them only if they can provide them with constant companionship.

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Beagles are short haired. They have a dense coat that lays flat across its body and shows excellent weather resistant property. Regarding their skin colour, there may be different combinations. The most common is the tri-color which comes in black, brown and white, but it can also have different shades of red and brown. The tip of their tail is usually always white. As it is a dog that loves to sniff, the tail is firm and always raised, making it easier for breeders to see their dogs in the dense forest. These dogs have smooth but dense fur that is resistant to rain. Although they are short, the shedding occurs throughout the year, which demands weekly brushing to remove dead hair. As the shedding is more prominent during spring season, you can increase the frequency of brushing 2-3 times a week.

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Best Dog Food For Beagles

The best dog food of Beagles will have high quality animal protein as the first ingredient, followed by low to moderate amount of fats and digestible carbohydrates. Natural fibres are also recommended in their diet to ensure healthy digestion and a higher nutrient absorption in them. As for their feeding amount, puppy Beagles need 55 calories for every pound of their body weight, mainly because of their voracious appetite. Adult Beagles would require around 45 calories per pound of body weight, while a little less at 42 calories for senior dogs. Lastly, owners should watch their over-eating habits as these dogs can eat endlessly. Beagles inherited this behaviour from their early ancestors, as they used to hunt for the game for a longer period, which exhausted them thoroughly. This made them eat whatever that came in front of them. Hence, the modern Beagle's behaviour is such. If you are a Beagle owner, feed them highly nutritious dog foods and give their daily dose of exercise, they will do fine.

Grooming Your Beagle

Beagle is a low-maintenance breed, where the grooming requirements are low compared to other breeds. Yet, it doesn't mean that they don't need brushing and cleaning at all. Owners need to brush them once or twice a week in order to keep their skin and coat healthy. Brushing also helps in stimulating the natural oils in the skin of the dog, helping to reduce hairfalll significantly. When it comes to Bathing, you can bathe your Beagles only once in a month unless they get too dirty by going outside. Use only dog shampoos and conditioners, as human conditioners can disrupt the pH balance of their skin. Also, you may need to clean their ear's regularly as Beagles have this perfect ear shape for harboring fungi and bacterial infections. Using a cotton boll or a cleanser recommended by your vets would be ideal to keep their ears healthy,

Taking Care of a Beagle

There are some specific care tips will help you in raising a Beagle in optimal health. Firstly, offer them a large environment so that the Beagle can run, play and sniff at will. As it is a small breed dog, they are ideal to keep in apartments, but keep in mind that it would need daily exercise too. Even with a lot of physical activity, the diet has to be balanced, since obesity affects these dogs a lot. Other than that, before choosing to have a Beagle, keep in mind that these are dogs that will crave for attention constantly. If you're going to be really upset about a gnawed shoe or a torn sock, you might want to choose another pet.


History of Beagles

Though there is no clear documentation on the early ancestors of the Beagles, dogs having similar size and characteristics akin to Beagles were being used in Ancient Greece in 5th Century BC. They were used to hunt hares and flush out rabbits from holes because of their excellent smelling sense. There was no formal name given to these dog breeds but they were considered to be the early forefathers of the modern-day Beagles. Fast-forward in the 8th Century AD, there was evidence of a scent hound known as the St. Hubert Hound from which another breed called the Talbot Hounds were created. Talbot Hounds were brought to Britain in the 11th Century by William the Conqueror. Even these dogs were magnificent in hunting, they were slow runners. To rectify this problem. Tablot were bred with Greyhounds which gave them a massive boost in speed. It is believed that these breeds probably gave rise to Southern Hounds which are now considered to be an ancestor of the modern day Beagle.

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