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Siamese Cat

One of the most talkative cats around, Siamese Cats just love to yap with the ones who are really close to them. They are affectionate and loyal to their family which also makes them ideal pet companions.

Average sizes and life expectancy of the breed


27-31 cm


4-7 kg


15-20 years



Characteristics of the Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are considered to be affable and loyal cats. They love to play and interact with humans and seek to be a part of their daily activities. They specially love children and form instant bond with them within a few minutes of socialising. Siamese cats are also known to get along well with other animals too. These cats love attention and that is why they are constantly meowing and asking for cuddles. Their sapphire blue eyes are peculiar of this breed.

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The Siamese cat's coat is short and finely threaded, and they come in colours like Black, Cream, Beige, Brown (also known as chocolate) or White. They are light coloured on their body and when it comes to their paws, tail and snout, it is usually more "marked". In fact, these are the colour combination that makes them so unique and thereby popular all across the world. Siamese cat's grooming requirements are not that extensive, primarily because they have a short and thin coat. All they need is a weekly combing, ear cleaning and trimming to stay neat and hygienic. When it comes to brushing, brush your Siamese cats weekly so that you can keep their hair in good shape. Use a gentle, small rubber brush as it would be ideal for Siamese breed. Regarding bathing, you can bathe them once every week.

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Best Cat Food For Siamese Cats

The good news is that Siamese Cat can be fed both dry cat food and wet cat food. All you need to do is to provide them with a diet having a nutritionally balanced formulation. When they are kittens, they should be given lots of fats and protein to ensure healthy growth and overall development. Siamese Kittens also need a good amount of calcium to support strong bones and joints. For adult Siamese cats, you should ensure that they are given proper amount of fibre as it is essential for maintaining healthy digestion and nutrient absorption. Also, to promote excellent health and sheen in their skin and coat, you should select a diet having Omega 3 fatty acids too. As for senior Siamese Cats, they need a low calorie diet as they won't be doing any more physical activity. While feeding wet cat foods, it is better to empty the whole packet once as overusing it might cause bad breath in the felines. Also, when feeding kittens with wet cat foods, make sure you select a diet having around 35% protein content.

Grooming Your Siamese Cat

To keep your Siamese cats looking healthy and shiny, it is essential to brush them at least once a week. If you thought their grooming was only limited to brushing and bathing, you are highly mistaken. Along with the conventional grooming, you need to clean there ears and nails as well. When it comes to brushing their hair, it would be good if you can use a soft bristle brush as it won't catch too many tangles. Also, if you find a knot while brushing, it is better to cut it off rather than running the brush over it. Regarding bathing, you can bathe them once in every week that too only if they have gotten their coat dirty. It would be good if you can use a fine quality shampoo as it will keep their coat healthy and shiny. When it comes to cleaning their ear, make sure you brush their ears from behind eyes to the neck. Don't go too far inside their ear as it can hurt them bad.

Taking Care of a Siamese Cat

As they are highly energetic cats, it is important to be able to pay attention to them and also have time available. To distract them, you may consider buying toys and scratching posts. The option of getting another Siamese Cat, preferably one that is also energetic, to keep good company to your cat is a welcome move. Also, being a curious cat, he may try to go outside and to zneighbors to explore the environment. Therefore, it is important to keep the house properly screened.


History of Siamese Cats

It is believed that Siamese Cats first appeared in the Siam's ancient Asia Land, which is now in the modern day Thailand. In the earlier days in Siam, these cats were exclusive only to the royal class and the higher classes that existed there. It was considered an honour to receive a Siamese cat and a theft of one was punishable by death. By 1878, Siamese cats was exported from Siam to the United States and later to the United Kingdom in 1884. Today, they are one of the sought-after cat breeds for having a companion cat.

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