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 Cat Grooming Products

A properly groomed cat not just looks good but also feels completely healthy from within. Cats are self-groomers but sometimes licking with their tongues isn’t enough to remove dirt and unpleasant smell on their coats. Bathing your kitty is important as it also helps to prevent tick and flea infestations. Apart from bathing you cannot ignore the importance of regular brushing and combing the pet’s coat with the right kind of tools. Brushing removes loose dead hair and tangles as well as prevents hair ball formation as there remains no extra detached fur that can be swallowed by the kitty while licking. Cat care also involves trimming the nails. When nails grow too long they can enter the feline’s feet and is a painful ordeal. Further, cat owners also have to tackle issues such as ear infections and ear mites. It’s important to clean the inside of the cat’s ears of wax, fluid and dirt using an ear cleansing solution.

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