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 Best Dental Treats For All Dogs at PetsWorld

Pup parents can simply not ignore the importance of dog treats in the lives of their beloved pooches. They are of course yummy rewards for desirable behaviour. But apart from that these goodies are laden with health benefits making them a must buy the commodity for any dog owner. If we take dental treats for instance they offer a variety of advantages to its consumer.

Importance of Dental Treats For Dogs

Dental treats work to keep a dog’s teeth and gums healthy. They work well in eliminating bad breath as they contain breath fresheners. Cleaning of the teeth by chewing on these treats as the special shape/texture helps to remove plaque and tartar build-up in the mouth.

Dental treats also act as a supplement to your pet’s main meals. They are packed with nutrients such as calcium, zinc, protein, natural antioxidants and essential oils to provide a boost of goodness to your pup.

Get Premium Branded Dental Treats at PetsWorld

At PetsWorld, you will see some of the nutritionally balanced dental treats from premium brands that serve all breeds of dogs. The premium brands are Pedigree, Chip Chops, Drools, Jerhigh, Goodies, Gnawlers. All the treats from these brands promote excellent dental health apart from giving an energizing breath to the dogs.

Pedigree Dentastix is one of the sought-after dental treats by dog owners today as it comes in three different variations to suit small, medium and large breed dogs. This is a yummy treat having an X shaped style which helps dislodge the food stuck between your dog’s teeth. The active ingredients present in the treat effectively removes the problem of Tartar & Plaque buildup as well. 

One of the best Pedigree treats is the Pedigree Green Tea Dentastix,  which is ideal for toy breed dogs. It has a green tea flavor that will add a punch of freshness to your pooch’s mouth. Medium and large dogs can be given the Drools Dr. Dent Oral Care dog dental treats; this comes with a soft chewy texture and a unique ‘Y’ shape. Dental treats together with regular tooth-brushing ensure clean and healthy teeth & gums.

If you wish to surround your dog with the best dog treats in India, feel free to check our latest collection of dog treats at Petsworld.

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