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Best Quality Collars for Dogs

Apart from preventing the unnecessary pulling and jumping in dogs, collars can also serve the purpose of a good identification mark too. You can find a large number of Dog Collars in various colours and designs at PetsWorld for keeping your dogs safe and looking great.

The collars are available in a large number of sizes for correctly fitting on your dog. Collars having bell design, animated caricatures, Leopard prints add to the visual appeal of the collar. We also have high-quality choke chains which keep your dog under control without causing them pain. A gentle pull on the chain is enough to make your dog understand your command. The chains are rust and tarnish resistant which makes it highly durable. Trixie Puppy Collars is a set of 6 collars which are gentle and work wonders in helping your puppies get used to the leashes.

PetsWorld LED Dog Collar is a unique collar that glows beautifully in the dark. The collar helps a great deal while walking along with your dog in the night. It has 3 operational modes viz. Quick flashing, slow flashing, permanent light. The collar has visibility upto 200 metres.