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Beaphar Tea Tree Oil Dog & Cat Shampoo 250 ml


 399.00 470.00
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The Good Paws FRESSSSH AF Short Coat Shampoo 250 ml


 499.00 550.00
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Virbac Allermyl Olamine Shampoo 200 ml


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Grooming for Dogs and Puppies

If you truly love your dog, you must never ignore its grooming needs! Grooming is essential in maintaining perfect health of your pup as it encompasses looking after your dog’s skin, coat, nails, teeth, eyes and ears, thus leading to a healthy, good smelling and nice looking canine companion. If grooming your pet sounds like a tough chore, worry not! Petsworld’s on your side to make this task a breeze with its range of best dog grooming brands.

Did you know that a puppy as young as three weeks can be acquainted to a grooming routine?

Petsworld makes your shopping for the best dog grooming products online a simple affair with a dedicated section to help you pick the best items to be part of your pup’s grooming kit. If you own a young pooch it will greatly benefit from a mild and gentle formulation for its delicate skin and fur, you can opt for the Beaphar Macadamia Oil puppy shampoo for a long lasting lustre and softness of the coat. To prune those lovely tresses you can either choose a dog clipper by Wahl or the professional range by Andis. No hair grooming session is complete without brushing. Whether you own a long haired or a short haired dog, brushing is important to remove dandruff, loose hair and dirt. It helps to bring out natural oils and carries them all over your pooch’s coat. The Matt breaker brush by All4Pets at Petsworld is ideal for detangling long hair. Other important tools for your dog’s grooming case are nail clippers, pet grooming gloves, tooth wipes, dog tooth paste & brush, ear drops and cotton buds. To inject the right amount of vigor into an already handsome dog you can opt for appropriate supplements to go with your pooch’s dietary requirements after consulting a vet. Allow your pet dog to beam with happiness and overall wellness.

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