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Calm Pet Anti Anxiety 60 Tablet


Tick Free Tick & Flea Repelling Spray 200 ML


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Beaphar Tooth Gel for Dogs and Cats, 100 g


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Beaphar HD Tablets for Pets, 50 Tablets


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Dog Healthcare & Supplements

A healthy dog is a happy dog. At PetsWorld, we have a broad range of healthcare products for maintaining supreme health in your dog. We have put the products in categories like Hip and Joint Care. Skin Care, Calcium Supplements, Ear Care, Dental Care, Digestion and Immunity and Antibiotics.

For keeping strong hips and joints of your dogs, we have INTAS Melonex Suspension, PetPaws Nutritional Supplements, Beaphar Joint Supplement and Joint Active Tablets. They contain a decent amount of Glucosamine and Chondroitin for restoring the joint health of your dog naturally. At PetsWorld, you may also find highly effective calcium supplements for strengthening bones and teeth. As Calcium is not synthesised naturally in the body, the supplement helps in keeping the skin and coat of your dog healthy and radiant. We also offer eye and ear drops for a thorough cleansing of the ears and eyes of the dog.

As the digestive system contribute a lot to the immunity of the dog, we offer fine quality supplements for keeping a healthy digestive tract in your canine. We also have liver syrups for speeding up the overall metabolism of your pet. For boosting their dental hygiene, we have various toothpaste, sprays, tooth gel and dog treats which keeps their teeth in strong condition. For treating bacterial and viral infections, we offer them the appropriate antibiotics for supporting a faster recovery.