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Dog Nail And Paw Care

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Best Dog Nail Cutters and Nail Trimmers Online

For those perfectly manicured claws you need to regularly trim your pooch’s nails. Domesticated dogs don’t get enough opportunities to wear down their nails naturally compared to their wild mates who are busy hunting & travelling over rugged surfaces.

To make this task a lot simpler for pet-parents, Petsworld brings to you the best range of dog nail cutters and online at fascinating discounts. For puppies, you can find several high quality small nail clippers from here which are absolutely comfortable to use.

How to Select the Right Nail Clipper for your Dog?

Always choose a nail clipper that isn’t too big vis a vis your dog’s toe. With an oversized one there’s always the chance of cutting the quick (blood vessel in dog’s nails). This is very painful and causes the nail to bleed.

We recommend buying Wahl Curved Nail Clipper for medium to large breed dogs, as it comes with a soft anti-slip handle that ensures you have a proper control over the clipper. The scissor style nail cutter offers the groomer a good grip and can be used on small breed dogs.

Should I File My Dog’s Nails?

Most Dog Spas and Pet grooming salons already do it. The filer assists in shaping and wearing down the rough edges. Dog grooming schedule depends on how fast a dog’s nails grow and also how active it is.

A dog’s nails grow continuously; hence you’ll have to employ the right grooming tools for keeping them in shape. Nails that are too long will bother your pet in more than one way. It is also observed that dogs that walk on rough sidewalks and asphalt require less trimming. Such surfaces aid in grinding their nails.

Which Nail Cutter For My Puppy?

Puppy nail care is an important aspect of grooming, and a vital aspect of maintaining excellent health in the pups. Some of the best nail cutters for puppies at PetsWorld are All 4 Pets Nail Clipper, PetsWorld Stainless Steel, and PetsWorld Nail Clipper Ergo. They have an ergonomic grip handle and are comfortable to be used on your puppy’s toes. Moreover PetsWorld Stainless Steel has a safety lock for preventing any kind of misuse.

At PetsWorld, you will be able to get top paw nail clippers and other grooming accessories at high discounts. Once you order it online, you will be getting the products right at your doorsteps within 3-4 business days.

If you want to know more about Dog Clippers, please feel free to contact us at PetsWorld.