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Osaka Green-1 Spirulina Enhanced Fish Food 100 gm


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Boggos Whole Dried BSFL Grubs Fish Food 55 gm


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Optimum Micro Pellets Fish Food 50 g


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Hikari Oranda Gold Mini Pellet Fish Food 100 gm


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Optimum Cichlid Aquarium Dry Fish Red Food 100g


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Sobo Turtle Pellet Aquatic Turtle & Fish Food 100g


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Hikari Cichlid Staple Medium Pellet, Floating Type 57g


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Buy Aquarium Fish Food Online For all Fishes at PetsWorld

Right nutrition plays a vital role in the well-being of all aquarium inhabitants. Also in regards to feeding fish, it is more than just sprinkling a few flakes of fish food on top of the aquarium a couple of times a day. This is because different fish have varied nutritional needs and they can thrive only when their unique dietary needs are met. 

Generally, fish can be classified based on their diet as carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. Carnivore fish are proper meat eaters and rely on protein rich foods to grow and prosper. Herbivores on the other hand only eat plant based diets and extract their vital nutrients from it. 

Now comes the surprise. Did you know that most aquarium fish are omnivores, which means they eat both meat and plant based foods? Well, it's true then. 

A lot of fish are omnivores and they need some high quality nutrients which are often lacking in homemade fish foods. This is where commercial fish foods fill their role as they impart all the vital nutrients your fish needs to thrive. Also, the food comes in floating as well as sinking form which caters to the needs of surface fish and mid-bottom water feeder fish respectively.

At PetsWorld, you will see some of the best fish food for all species from the most premium of brands. From Goldfish to Guppy to Cichlids, all of them will get excellent nourishment from the fish available here at PetsWorld. But before that, you need to understand what foods aquarium fish generally like to eat.

What Do Aquarium Fish Eat?

There are a broad array of fish foods which are generally preferred by aquarium fishes. Almost all of the foods contain essential nutrients like protein, lipids, carbs, phosphorus and other vital vitamins and minerals. These nutrients ensure the wellbeing of the fishes by providing them strong immunity to fight infection and diseases. 

Here are the different types of fish food:

1) Dry Foods: Dry Foods are the most popular category in fish foods as they are not only cheaper but also come in a variety of recipes. They come in forms like Flakes, Pellets, Sticks, Granules, Sinking and Floating Varieties. Dry foods are long lasting and when properly stored, they can last for years.    

2) Freeze Dried: These are essentially bloodworms, krill and other crawly things which have been dried as a whole. Freeze Drieds have a longer shelf life and can be crumbled into bits to feed smaller fish as well. Bloodworms are the most popular among Freeze Dried foods as they are favourites for fishes like Betta and Goldfish.

3) Frozen Foods: Frozen foods are high quality fish feed consisting of simple ingredients. They are basically single live food like shrimps, bloodworms, plankton, prawn, krills, worms, mussels etc which are frozen into cubes. They are highly nutritious for the fish and stay fresh for a longer time if stored in the freezer.

4) Live Food: In the earlier times of fish keeping, live foods were the only way to provide fish the nutrients they need. Besides, certain fish like wild-caught fish cannot recognize things which don't move as food. Live foods are also great option  for those fish owners who think their fish is not yet trained to eat 

5) Fresh Food: If you have Herbivorous or Omnivorous fish in your aquarium, you can buy fresh fish foods without a second thought. Vegetables like Peas, Lettuce, Spinach are key ingredients of the diet of plant eating fishes and you can just squash these directly into the aquarium. 

What are Some of the Popular Fish Food Brands at PetsWorld?

We at PetsWorld understand the needs of your aquatic friends and have a wide collection of fish foods that caters the nutritional needs of all species. You will find every type of feed here including the frozen aquarium fish food which you can store easily and feed your fish. Below are some of the popular fish food brands which you can see at PetsWorld,

1) Hikari

Hikari is a globally renowned fish food brand that has been designing specific species diets for all fishes, providing them with all the important nutrients. Hikari Fish foods consist of top-notch ingredients that bolsters the health of your fish and endows them with a skin that makes them glow in the aquarium. Also, if you are looking for some nutritious  Goldfish Foods, then you can find several of them at Hikari.

2) Sera

Sera is another popular fish food brand that offers healthy and easily digestible fish food for aquarium fishes. Sera fish foods have nutrients that boost the vitality of fish and come absolutely without dyes and preservatives which makes it safe for them to eat. Some of the nutritious fish food Sera offers are Staple Food, Color Food, Catfish Food and Cichlid Food that serve the unique nutritional needs of fishes. 

3) Tropical

Tropical is one of the most technologically advanced pet food manufacturers in the world and creates nutritionally balanced fish feed for all species. Tropical Fish Foods mainly come in granules, pellets and sticks which is favourable for almost all aquarium fishes. If you have Cichlids, then you may want to definitely check out Tropical due to their specialisation in making high quality Cichlid Foods. 

4) Tetra Bits Fish Aquarium

One of the best fish foods you can buy, Tetra Products assure you to help your fish radiate from inside out. Tetra Bits brand has fish foods which are scientifically developed and thoroughly tested to ensure proper nutrition to the aquarium fish. They have a unique formula which helps your fish to become more colourful, more strong and attain a vitality to live a longer life. 

All the fish foods at PetsWorld are available at highly discounted prices to our prestigious customers. To get maximum client contentment, we provide free shipping on pet products above Rs 1000 all over India. Once you order it online, the product shall be delivered at your doorsteps within the shortest frame. 

We hope the above information is useful to you. Please contact us at PetsWorld if you need further assistance with fish foods.