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Name Tags

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Buy Personalised Name Tags for all Dogs & Cats

A name tag for your pet is absolutely essential for keeping them safe and secure while you are travelling outside. If by any unfortunate chance, your pet drifts away from you, the name tag will surely come to your pet's rescue.  At PetsWorld, you can avail high quality personalised pet tags of your desired shape, design and print. 

You can engrave your pet name, address, contact number etc., on the pet tags, which will help people identify your pet in case they lose contact with you.   

All the pet tags at PetsWorld are made of anodized aluminium, which offers the tag an extremely long lifespan. Besides, the tags have a superior quality crafting that helps enhance the overall visual appeal of it. 

In regards to its features, these tags come with a metal ring which can be used to attach itself to your pet’s collar. They are super-easy to fix and come in a variety of colours to let you choose your favourite one. You can also engrave some cheesy lines on your pet tags to show the lighter side of yourself.

Benefits of PetsWorld Name Tags For Dogs & Cats

  • Lets you choose your own shape, design and print on the tags
  • Made from extra durable anodized aluminium
  • Safeguards your dogs and cats while going with them on the outside
  • Easy to fix on your pet’s collar
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and colours
  • Suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats

If you would like to have personalised pet tags for dogs and cats, please drop a WhatsApp message at  +91 8744012053/35/36.