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Pedigree Dog Foods and Treats For All Breeds of Dogs

Despite home-cooked foods making your dog feel full, they often lack essential nutrients for your pet’s health. They need a diet containing all the natural ingredients to nourish in the best way possible. 

Pedigree is one such renowned brand available at PetsWorld, that manufactures one of the best dog foods on the planet. Apart from being cost-friendly, the foods from this brand are known as health boosters, owing to its highly quality ingredients.  Some of the Pedigree dog food ingredients are milk, vegetables, rice, meat, chicken etc., which offers your dogs both taste and nutrition.

What Makes Pedigree The Ideal Pet Food For Canines?

Pedigree foods have been loved by dogs of all breeds and life stages for generations. This brand’s dog foods offer great benefits, be it their dog’s physical growth or the glow in the coat. They also see their dogs fighting off illnesses better when they are on a pedigree diet. 

Here are some of the top reasons that make Pedigree one of the best dog food for all breeds. 

1) Delicious Ingredients: Pedigree includes ingredients like Chicken, Lamb, Milk, Rice, Vegetables etc., which are scrumptious foods for almost all dog breeds. Also, these foods offer them enough protein to build strong muscles and repair body tissues as well.

2) 5 Signs of Good Health: Pedigree provides your dogs with 5 signs of good health, within 6 weeks.The five signs of good health are excellent immunity, healthier muscles, shinier coat, strong bones and a good digestive system.. 

3) Backed by WALTHAM Research: The WALTHAM centre for pet nutrition conducts deep research into pet care and nutrition. Pedigree works closely with WALTHAM to design high quality nutritious food that will bolster your dog’s general wellness. 

4) Dry and Wet Dog Foods: As dogs have different food choices, they may either choose dry dog food or gravy foods. One should know that dogs living in hot climates prefer gravy foods as they can hydrate themselves thoroughly. On the other hand, dry dog foods are beneficial for those dogs who need to boost their dental health. 

Pedigree Dog Foods at PetsWorld

At PetsWorld, you will see some top nutritious foods from Pedigree, which will boost the overall wellness of your lovely dogs. Pedigree offers dry and wet food, from weaning puppies to daily nutrition for adult dogs. The foods are listed based on the dogs' life stages and specific needs.

Pedigree Dry Dog Foods and Pedigree Gravy Foods are diets that effectively cater to every need of your dog. Also, the foods are further divided into small types according to the dog's breed and life stage. Both Dry Pedigree Dog Food and Wet Pedigree Dog Foods have meat based ingredients that promote good strength in dogs.

Pedigree dog foods which are classified according to the breeds of dogs are:

1) Pedigree Pro Small Breed Dog Food

Pedigree Small Dog Food is ideal for Pug, Dachshund, Bull Dog, Poodle, Chihuahua, Shih Tzu, etc. It has a balanced composition that endows your mini breed dogs with excellent health and immunity. Besides, Pedigree pro dog food small breed has calcium and phosphorus for maintaining strong bones and teeth in dogs.

2) Pedigree Pro Large Breed Food

If you have large breed dogs like Labrador, German Shepherd, Boxer, Golden Retriever, Rottweiler, etc., this is the optimal dog food. The food is loaded with all the vital nutrients for supporting healthy muscle growth and a robust digestive system in the puppies. As large dogs do a lot of exercises, calcium and phosphorus in this diet keep strong bones and joints in them.

We also have pedigree foods listed according to the life stage of dogs. Some of them are 

1) Pedigree Puppy Chicken and Milk

This delectable dog food is a favourite for almost all the dogs out there. Designed for puppies, Pedigree Puppy Chicken and Milk provide them with all the essential nutrients for a pet's healthy growth. Its natural goodness of cereals, chicken, meat, soybean, and milk helps boost the pup’s muscle mass. The kibble size of pedigree puppy foods also promotes easier digestion in the puppies. 

2) Pedigree Adult Chicken & Vegetable Dry Dog Food

Pedigree Adult Dog Food Chicken & Vegetables is a wholesome and balanced food for grown-up dogs of all breeds. They are ideal for promoting excellent digestive health and maintaining good muscle mass in dogs as well. This food's natural fibres help support higher nutrient absorption in the canines, making them stay healthy. 

3) Pedigree Senior Dog Food 

Pedigree Senior Dog Food is a fitting meal for dogs in the senior stage of their life. Senior Pedigree Dog Food comes in small kibbles, which makes it easier for the dogs to chew. This diet is also completely free of artificial flavours and preservatives.

Pedigree Gravy Foods

Pedigree Wet Dog Foods provide your dogs with great protection from heat stress due to its high moisture content. Your dog's will be able to stay hydrated for a longer period of time and also maintain excellent digestive health. Some of the best gravy foods of Pedigree available at PetsWorld are:

1) Pedigree Puppy Wet Dog Food, Chicken Chunks in Gravy

This is a complete and balanced gravy food for puppies, having delicious chicken chunks gently cooked in healthy gravy. Chicken being the main ingredient of Also, this wet dog food hydrates your dogs thoroughly during summers and is an ideal diet for all breeds of dogs.

2) Pedigree Adult Wet Dog Food Chicken & Liver Chunks in Gravy

Hardly any gravy food can match the level of taste of this nutritious diet from Pedigree available at PetsWorld. The double flavour of Chicken & Liver chunks is sure to allure even the fussiest of eaters. This wet dog food contains Zinc and Omega 3 fatty acids that improve skin and coat health in dogs.

Also, Vitamin E and other essential vitamins and minerals in the diet strengthen the immunity of your dogs. This keeps them well guarded against many infections and diseases.

Pedigree Dog Care and Treats For Dental Hygiene and Training Sessions

Dog treats are essential for good oral health and mental stimulation in dogs. Pedigree also offers some healthy dog treats for your lovely canines to improve their dental health and train them effectively. For example, a treat like Pedigree Dentastix has been proven to reduce tartar and plaque build-up in the dogs. It is an entirely digestible treat that has no residue, making it ideal for all dog breeds. 

Pedigree Meat Jerky is one of the best dog treats for training due to their incredible taste. Also, due to their special texture, it proves ideal for those dogs who suffer from gum diseases.

With the treats from Pedigree, you will surely be able to instil good behavior in your dogs. These are one of the best treats in the business if you want to reward your dogs during training.

Benefits of Pedigree Dog Treats in a Nutshell

  • Made with scrumptious real chicken meat
  • Ideal treat for training dogs
  • Soft and chewy in texture for easy chewing
  • High in protein for boosting muscle mass
  • Less calories per treat for maintaining ideal body weight
  • No added sugar and preservatives

Pedigree meets four universal needs of the dog: Skin and Coat, Oral Health, Digestion, and Immunity. Their balanced diets have been the outcome of scientific research undertaken at the Waltham centre for pet nutrition. 

At PetsWorld, we ensure that you get Pedigree Dog Foods online at the best discount rates. Once you order it, the pet foods shall be delivered to your house quickly. 

If you want more information on Pedigree foods, please feel free to contact us at PetsWorld.  

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