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Buy Pedigree Dog Foods & Treats For All Breeds of Dogs

Despite home-cooked foods making your dog feel full, they often lack essential nutrients for your pet’s health. Your dogs need a diet containing all the natural ingredients to nourish in the best way possible. 

Pedigree is one such renowned brand available at PetsWorld, that manufactures one of the best dog foods on the planet. Apart from being cost-friendly, the foods from this brand are known as health boosters, owing to its highly quality ingredients.  Some of the Pedigree dog food ingredients are milk, vegetables, rice, meat, chicken etc., which offers your dogs both taste and nutrition.

Why is Pedigree Considered One of the Best Diets For Dogs?

Firstly, Pedigree dog foods include natural meat like Chicken and Lamb, which offers your dogs an extensive amount of protein to build lean muscles and endurance. Secondly, their dog foods offer 5 signs of good health in 6 weeks which includes excellen immunity, healthier muscles, strong bones and a good digestive system.

Moreover, Pedigree dog foods come in both dry and gravy form which fulfils the appetite of almost all dogs. When it comes to Pedigree dry dog foods, they promote good chewing behaviour and are extremely cost friendly as well. Pedigree wet dog food on the other hand offers enough moisture content to thoroughly keep your dogs well hydrated. 

Key Benefits of Pedigree Dog Foods 

  • Provides your dogs with natural goodness of Chicken, Lamb, Milk, Rice etc
  • Offers ample amount of protein to build strong muscles in dogs
  • Promotes excellent growth and development in puppies 
  • Ensures a robust immunity in your dogs
  • Keeps the teeth strong and gums healthy
  • Endows them with a healthy skin and a shinier coat

What Are the Different Types of Pedigree Dog Foods?

The dog foods from Pedigree are mainly classified under two types, viz. Breed Specific Foods and Age Specific Foods. Both of the categories ensure that no dogs miss out on the high quality nutrition provided by Pedigree which ensures their overall health and wellbeing. 

1) Breed Specific Foods

The breed specific diets from Pedigree are exclusively designed for specific breeds like small, medium and large breed dogs. For example if you have a grown up small breed dog like Pug, you can give them a diet like Pedigree Pro Expert Nutrition Adult Small Breed Dog. On the other hand, if you have a large breed puppy like a Labrador, you may consider giving them a diet like Pedigree Pro Large Breed Puppy.

2) Age Specific Foods

Pedigree offers top-notch age specific dog food that caters the special nutritional needs of puppies, adult dogs as well as senior dogs. For example, a diet like Pedigree Puppy Chicken and Milk is a fitting nutrition for all puppies having an age between 3 to 12 months. The biggest benefit of Pedigree Puppy Foods is that they consist of a kibble size which is ideal for all breeds of puppies.

Also, if you have an adult dog between the age of 1 to 7, you may consider giving them a diet like Pedigree Pro Expert Nutrition Active Adult Dog Food. This is an ideal diet for all grown up dogs which includes active, working, pregnant and lactating dogs etc. 

For all the dogs above the age of 7, Pedigree offers a diet called Pedigree Senior Dog Food which effectively takes care of their nutritional needs. 

Pedigree Dog Treats

Dog treats are essential for good oral health and mental stimulation in dogs. Pedigree also offers some healthy dog treats for your lovely canines to improve their dental health and train them effectively. For example, a treat like Pedigree Dentastix has been proven to reduce tartar and plaque build-up in the dogs. It is an entirely digestible treat that has no residue, making it ideal for all dog breeds. 

Pedigree Meat Jerky is one of the best dog treats for training,  due to their incredible taste. Also, due to their special texture, it proves ideal for those dogs who suffer from gum diseases.

With the treats from Pedigree, you will surely be able to instil good behaviour in your dogs. These are one of the best treats in the business if you want to reward your dogs during training.

Why is PetsWorld One of the Best Places To Buy Pedigree Foods?

At PetsWorld, you will have several advantages if you are thinking of buying Pedigree Dog Foods online. Here are some of those,

  • Personalised filter for finding the best pedigree dog food for your pet
  • Exciting discounts on products that lets you save big
  • Doorstep delivery to almost 25000 Pincodes of India.
  • Superfast delivery from esteemed courier services like Bluedart, Ekart, Xpressbee, Delhivery etc.
  • Resolution of all queries regarding pets and pet foods. 
  • Excellent customer support

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