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No cat diet must be devoid of wet cat foods. Wet food helps a feline stay hydrated, provides proper nutrition and prevents weight gain. Cats tend to avoid drinking enough water; however, serving a meal of wet food can compensate for this as it contains a high percentage of water.

When a cat is sufficiently hydrated, health issues like Urinary tract infection can be averted. Gravy cat foods, owing to its high moisture content can also tackle kidney, heart and skin issues in the cats.

Why Should You Feed Your Cats Wet/Gravy Food?

  • Canned foods are rich in animal protein: Felines are obligate carnivores and thrive on animal protein. Your fur-ball may enjoy gravy food made up of tuna. Chicken and turkey based canned foods are also very good for cats.
  • Lower in Carbohydrates compared to dry food: An ideal diet for cats means less carbohydrates and high protein & moisture.
  • High moisture content: Will keep the kitty suitably hydrated.

Wholesome Gravy Foods at PetsWorld For Nourishing Your Cats 

At PetsWorld, you will find some of the best cat food brands like Whiskas, Meo, Bellotta, Royal Canin,  that manufactures pet foods exclusively for cats. All foods from these brands consist of nutritional profiles that help maintain ideal energy levels and also a strong immunity in the felines. 

Moreover, the wholesome gravy foods we have in our store provide the kitty a perfect blend of protein, omega-3 fatty acid, amino acid, vitamins, minerals and fiber. All these nutrients are essential nutrients needed for a healthy growth in the cats. 

Highly Nutritious Wet Diets From Popular Brands

Premium gravy foods not only are a health booster for cats, but are also irresistible for even the most fussy eaters as well. Here are some of the wholesome cat foods available at PetsWorld for both kitten and adult cats.

Whiskas Kitten Chicken Gravy is a kitten food that proves optimal for kittens of all breeds. The right proportion of vitamins and minerals in this food strengthens the natural defences of the kitten. Also, the combination of zinc and omega 3 fatty acids helps in nourishing their overall skin health. 

For adult cats, a diet like Whiskas Salmon in Gravy, suits them best due to the irresistible taste of Salmon Fish. Its nutritionally balanced ingredients provide the cats with healthy eyesight and a robust immune system. The food being in gravy form, supports excellent urinary health in your felines. 

Another irresistible premium cat food brand for felines is Sheba Cat Foods. It has a collection of some highly yummy gravy foods that will surely tickle the taste buds of your cats. They offer perfect portions of meat and seafood that fortify the overall wellness of the cats. Say, a diet like Sheba Rich Premium Adult Chicken With Tuna in Gravy is immensely appetising and nutritious for adult cats of all breeds.

Needless to say, Royal Canin, one of the best pet food brands in the world is also available at PetsWorld that dishes out age-specific, nutritious and delicious fare your cat will love to indulge in.

Grab The Gravy Cat Foods at Best Discounts at PetsWorld

Don’t miss the special offer on gravy cat foods at Petsworld; you are presented with great discounts and also an all India shipping service. Once you order the pet foods online, it shall be delivered at your home within the shortest time possible. 

If you require any further information on the wet cat foods, please let us know at PetsWorld.   

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