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 Buy Premium Quality Low-Grain Dog Foods at Great Deals

“Low-grain dog foods” are those diets which contain significantly low amounts of grains. These foods are highly beneficial for all dogs who are suffering allergies and stomach upset from consuming grain foods. Once your vet has seen allergic reactions, you will be suggested low-grain diets for your dogs so that they can have a faster recovery from their illnesses.

We at PetsWorld have in stock some of the globally renowned low-grain diets that support excellent health and nourishment in all dogs with food intolerances. The foods are so palatable that it will allure even the choosiest of eaters. 

Benefits of Low-Grain Dog Foods

There are immense benefits of low-grain diets for dogs experiencing food intolerances. Here are some of them,

  1. Healthy Skin: Low-grain foods significantly improves the skin health of your dogs as they soothe allergies caused by grains.
  2. Bright Coat: Low-grain diets have a good amount of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acid that make your dog’s skin shiny.
  3. Smaller Stools: Dogs hate it when they have to go to the toilet frequently due to a bad digestive system. With low-grain foods, your dogs will not only have a great digestive system but will also produce stools that are compact.
  4. Few Allergies: Low-grain foods considerably reduces allergic symptoms in dogs and gives them much needed relief against itching, scratching, redness of skin etc.
  5. More Energy: Cheaper dog foods consist of a lot of grains and your dog spends a lot of energy to consume it. This can make them tired and lazy which will affect their mobility as well. Grain-free diets are free of this problem and your dogs will immensely get a boost in their energy levels if they are given this diet.  

Get Nutritionally Balanced Low-Grain Diets From PetsWorld

At PetsWorld, we have in-store some of the leading dog brands that offer best-low grain diets for dogs. All the foods of these brands have high nutritional value and provide good strength and agility in dogs. Here are some of the top brands at PetsWorld that are known for offering excellent low-grain diets.

1) Farmina

The N&D Low Ancestral Grain of Farmina is a nutritional fulfilling low-grain diet that contains constituents like Chicken and Lamb. This food has a low-glycemic index that supports healthy body weight and blood sugar levels in your dogs. Besides, being low in grain facilitates a smooth digestion and higher nutrient absorption of the dogs.

2) Drools

Drools is another renowned dog food brand in India which produces a low-grain diet for dogs called Drools Focus. This dog food is entirely devoid of wheat, corn and soya which makes it ideal for all breeds of dogs. Besides, it has an optimum level of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that ensures a healthy skin and shiny coat. 

3) Orijen

One of the rare dog food brands in the world that make top-quality biologically appropriate for dogs, Orijen is synonymous with Vitality. A diet like Orijen Original consists of 0% grains and nourishes all dogs from Daschunds to Great Danes in the highest order. They are made of Fresh-Free Run Chicken & Turkey which provides enough protein content for the dogs to build lean muscle mass and strength.

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