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Happy Wings Wild Bird Food Mix Seeds 900 Gram


Zupreem Natural For Medium Parrot 1.13 Kg


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Vitapol Economic Food for Rabbits 1200 gm


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Zupreem Veggie Blend Food For Parrot 1.47 Kg


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Zupreem Fruit Blend For Small Parrots 907 gms


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 Buy Premium Branded Bird Foods Online at PetsWorld

Birds make for a great pet choice. Your choice of a bird pet may vary from exotic to common ones; whichever you choose, the experience is always rewarding. If you are looking for a reliable portal to take care of your pet bird’s feeding and maintenance needs, then the Bird food online available at Pets World is a great destination.

We stock a range of bird-safe and nutritious food produced for different varieties of birds. You can find foods for Parrots & Parakeets, Budgies, Canary & Finch, Cockatiel, Lovebirds etc. All the bird foods have the necessary ingredients for boosting the overall health of your birds and also increasing their longevity. As the dietary requirements of birds vary according to species, the nutrients are present in adequate levels for nourishing every bird.

Why Should You Feed Your Birds Top-Notch Bird Foods?

  • Supports a faster feather growth
  • Endows the birds with a brilliant colour
  • Keeps excellent immunity in the birds
  • Reduces stress in birds
  • Help maintains high energy levels

1) Budgies & Love Birds Food

At PetsWorld, you will find the best bird foods for Budgies and Lovebirds from premium brands like Kiki, Zupreem, Petcare, Tropifit, Vitapol etc. No artificial fillers and preservatives have been added in any of the foods, which makes it safe for the birds to consume. Budgie foods ingredients include fruits and vegetables that give them important vitamins and minerals for healthy growth. 

2) Exotic Bird Foods

Exotic birds are those birds whose parents are of foreign origin. They need high-quality bird foods to maintain the beauty of their feathers and keep up excellent immunity. The Tropifit Exoten Food for Exotic Birds is a good option for your exotic pet. Its grains and grass seeds are grown in the best farms around that ensure good health, plumage, and vitality to your pet. They are easy to digest and hence suit all exotic birds. 

3) All Bird Foods

Arguably, the most sought-after food in the whole bird food category, all bird foods are those diets that suit all bird species. They are highly popular owing to the fact that one can feed all birds in their nest at one go. Pet en Care Bird Food at Pets World is 100% natural, can cater to feeding the more common bird pets, and is safe for all types of birds. Also, the ZuPreem Avian Breeder Natural offers high-quality bird food for all sizes and species. It is fortified with vitamins and minerals that take care of the overall nutritional needs of your bird pet. 

4) Parrot Foods

Parrots are highly intelligent bird species that thrive on a high-quality diet. If you want to feed your parrots a healthy diet, you can go for Vitapol Sunflower Seed. This is a highly nutritious daily diet for all parrot species and is high in fats and other essential nutrients for letting your birds flourish. You can also find some delicious treats at PetsWorld for your parrot to eat, as they love having a snack here and there. 

At Pets World, the Bird food comes with added vitamins, minerals, along with additional veggies, protein-rich seeds. Protein is necessary for birds for a healthy growth and reparation of tissues and enzymes. The multi-vitamins ensure that they have a strong immunity to resist infection and other illnesses. Feed them the best bird foods at PetsWorld, having top nutrition, and see them thriving.

If you have any questions about selecting the best foods for birds, please feel free to contact us at PetsWorld.