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Everything You Need to Know About Dog Deworming

Bringing home a playful puppy is one of the best experiences in life as they change the whole dynamics of our house. But between all the puppy cuddling and kisses, you have to ensure one important thing in them: deworming. Worms are nagging parasites that harm your puppy’s growth, digestion, and their overall immunity. 

Learn how deworming keeps puppies healthy and protects them from parasites.

Why is Deworming Important for All Puppies?

Puppies can get worms either from their mothers before birth or pick them up from outside while playing. Some of the signs of infestation include stunted growth, weakness, and even potbellies. In some cases, it can even lead to anaemia and other serious health issues.

When to Deworm Puppies in India? 

In most cases, the veterinarian will set the standard schedule for the deworming of puppies. However, this is the general deworming schedule recommended by most Indian veterinarians.

  • 2 Weeks Old - First dose to eliminate worms acquired from the mother dog
  • 4 Weeks Old - Second dose to target new worms
  • 6 Weeks Old - Third dose to keep continuing protection
  • 8 Weeks Old - Fourth dose for overall parasitic control
  • Every 2 Weeks Up to 3 Months - Continue regular deworming to ensure complete removal of parasites.
  • Monthly from 3-6 Months - To safeguard them from worms outside. 
  • Every 3 Months Thereafter - Long-term protection against the worms.

NOTE - Dog owners should know that this is only a general guideline. Always ask your vet for a deworming schedule that suits your puppy's breed, environment, and health requirements.

How Does Dog Deworming Work?

There are two main methods used to deworm puppies in India. Following are those,

  • Oral Suspension - These are tasty liquids which are easy to administer to puppies, mainly mixing with food or feeding them with a dropper. They are ideal for puppies who don’t like to swallow tablets. It’s highly recommended to follow your vet’s instructions for proper feeding. 
  • Tablets -   Deworming tablets provide strong protection against various types of worms. It can either be administered alongside a treat or be simply mixed with their food.

Both of these methods effectively target intestinal worms by stopping their lifecycle, and preventing them from maturing and causing harm.

Some Additional Tips to Keep Your Puppies Safe From Worms 

  • Clean up your puppy’s poop immediately. This is because worms shed eggs in faeces, so prompt disposal is key.
  • Wash your hands frequently after disposing your puppy’s waste
  • Keep the area clean where your puppy is playing
  • Don’t let your puppy go near dogs who have unknown deworming status
  • Regularly show your puppy to the vet for effective parasite detection.