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Choose Small Pets' Food With Great Care

Small Pets or Pocket Pets are domestic animals such as Rabbits, Hamsters, Guinea pigs, Rats, Mice, Squirrels etc. which make excellent household pets. These pets are good with children and their playful nature makes them good companions to spend your leisure time with.

Like any other pet, small pets too have various requirements in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Their basic needs being a nurturing diet and a natural living habitat. We at PetsWorld offer you premium quality products to boost the health and overall wellbeing of Pet Rodents, Rabbits, Squirrels and Guinea Pigs. You can find top-notch Diets, Cages, Mini Play Houses, Hays etc.  here on PetsWorld which are manufactured by some of the leaders in pet brands.

In order to provide good nutrition to your Rabbits, we have diets like Vitapol Economic Food and Tropfit Food For Rabbit which has a right proportion of vitamins, minerals, protein and fibres. Vital nutrients in the diet promote healthy skin and fur in the rabbits

Pets like Guinea Pigs are known for their voracious appetite. This nature of them makes it easy for you to choose a diet that has balanced nutrition. Vitapol Fruit Food is a fitting diet for Guineas Pigs that have Vitamin C, Pectin and other important minerals for fortifying their overall health.

Other Pet Rodents like Hamsters, Rats and Mice can tremendously benefit from a diet like Vitapol XL Minerals Stone for Rodents  having 100% natural calcium carbonate with a fruity punch of orange. This food ensures that your pet receives the ideal nutrition which is required to flourish

A healthy natural environment is vital for rabbits and rodents to thrive. CHIPSI Sunshine Hay Compressed offers excellent natural biodiversity to small pets which also take care of their dietary requirements. The Hays are also rich in fibres that promote gentle and healthy digestion.

A good quality animal bedding absorbs the moisture of the waste of small pets and provides superior hygiene. CHIPSI Sunshine Classic Pet Bedding acts as an excellent natural litter for rodents and rabbits that have a great absorbent property and also a pleasant fragrance. It is formulated from high-quality softwood which is also 100% dust free, for keeping the small animals in a natural and clean environment.