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Meaty Treats

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Boggos Munchy Sticks Dog Treats For Chewing 400 gram


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Petsworld Rawhide Mutton Plain Chew Sticks 500 Gm


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 Buy Delicious Meaty Treats For Your Dogs at PetsWorld 

Meaty Treats are those treats which are loaded with real meat and contain 100% natural ingredients. These are one of the favourites of dogs owing to the sheer taste of meat and also as they are great to chew as well. At PetsWorld, you will be able to avail the best meaty treats from renowned brands for all breeds of dogs.

Here at PetsWorld, we have meat treats coming in flavours like Chicken, Mutton, Lamb etc that are favourable for all dogs. Apart from the lusciousness, meat treats also play a vital role in boosting the dental health of dogs as well. 

Key Benefits of Meaty Treats

  • Highly flavourful for all dogs
  • Promotes excellent oral health
  • Meat offers rich protein content for dogs
  • Keeps your dog’s teeth healthy and strong
  • Endows your dogs with a lot of energy

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