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PET Clean Waterless Shampoo Wipes for Dogs and Cats


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DogzKart Dry Bath Spray For Dogs & Cats 200 ml


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 Shop Best Water Less Care Products at PetsWorld For All Dogs

It is quite cumbersome to give your dog a daily bath. However, it is still possible to maintain excellent hygiene in them. At PetsWorld, you can find a broad range of waterless care products for keeping your dogs fresh and clean in between baths. We stock products of reputed brands like Aroma Tree, Mankind, All4Pets, PetaSpray, PetaFoam, Beaphar, Petkin etc for offering good care of the skin and coat of your dogs. 

Here, you can find a broad spectrum of waterless care products like Dry Bath Cleansers, Dry Shampoos, Deodorants, Cologne, Sprays and Body wipes for deep cleansing of your pet’s skin and also to give them a refreshing fragrance.

Benefits of Waterless Care Products

  • Ideal for dogs who are afraid to get into water.
  • Help keeps your dogs clean while travelling
  • Skin-friendly and completely allergic-free
  • Doesn’t take up space to clean your dogs
  • Makes grooming sessions fast and easy
  • Super-comfortable to use

What are Some of the Best Waterless Care Products at PetsWorld?

At PetsWorld, you may avail some of the finest of waterless care products from top-notch premium brands. We have categorised these products to ensure holistic grooming in the dogs. 

Say for example, a product like Aromatree Dry Bath Cleanser Spray proves highly effective in removing the dirt and sebum buildup in skin and hairs of dogs. It also has a refreshing aroma that leaves your dogs smelling great.  

Also, a shampoo like Pet Mankind Dry Shampoo is an easy to use dog shampoo that maintains the pH balance of the skin and also preserves the natural oils of the skin. Natural Aloe-vera present in the shampoo soothes the itching and scratching in dogs. 

To give your dogs an energising aroma, we at PetsWorld offer deodorants having different aromas like Lemon Grass, Lavender, Balsam Spirit etc. We also stock body wipes which instantly cleans off the dirt and dust in the dog’s body.

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