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Bakers Bites Select Milk Flavour Biscuits For Dogs 500 gm


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Bakers Bite Select is a top-notch brand that manufactures delicious and nutritious biscuits for all breeds of dogs. The biscuits from this brand are slow baked and are incredibly scrumptious for the canines to eat. They are particularly rich in protein and calcium for building good muscles in the dogs and also to keep their bones and teeth in strong condition.

The ingredients of Bakers Bite Select include whole wheat flour and milk which are absolutely safe for the dogs to eat. Besides, they are hand-baked and contain no artificial flavours and preservatives whatsoever. The biscuits are also fortified with essential vitamins and minerals that keeps excellent immunity in the dogs, keeping infections and diseases at bay. 

Key Benefits of Bakers Bite Select Biscuits

  • Hand-made delicious biscuits that suits all dogs
  • Made from milk which is luscious for the canines
  • Rich in calcium and protein for boosting muscle and bone strength
  • Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals for ensuring good immunity
  • Supports excellent skin and coat health