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Blep is a dog food brand that provides top-quality nutrition for dogs of all breeds. The brand specialises in designing Human Grade Dog Foods, which ensures that your furry friend receives the same quality of nutrition and care which you would expect for yourself. 

One of the main reasons why Blep designs Human Grade Foods is because they understand the value of nutrition for dogs. From the selection of wholesome meats and vegetables to the careful preparation of gravy foods, Blep promises a nutritionally loaded diet for all dogs.

One such gravy food of this brand is Blep Chicken Brocco Pawer Human Grade Wet Dog Food. It is a completely human-grade food having Chicken and Broccoli as the main ingredients supporting strength and vitality in dogs. Besides, the presence of fish and sun-flower oil provides Omega 3 fatty acids for ensuring excellent skin and coat health in dogs.

With Blep, you can be confident that you are feeding your furry friend the most ideal of diets. Each recipe of this brand is carefully designed to provide your dog essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals which endows them with strength and immunity.

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