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Bravecto 1000mg Chewable Tablets 20-40kg


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Bravecto: The Ultimate Defense against Ticks and Fleas!

Bravecto is a trusted healthcare brand available at PetsWorld that offers a convenient and effective solution for treating ticks and fleas on your furry friends. This brand offers chewable tablets that provide a hassle-free way to combat tick and flea infestation for a full 3 months.

The chewable tablets from Bravecto are more than just ordinary flea and tick treatments. They contain a powerful systemic insecticide acaricide that targets these annoying parasites providing immediate relief and persistent protection for an extended period. With just one dose, Bravecto quickly gets into action killing ticks and fleas which may be bothering your dog. 

What sets Bravecto apart is its long-lasting action. Unlike other traditional methods that require frequent applications, Bravecto only has a few doses that effectively remove the parasites for a long time. Also, the effectiveness of this tablet goes beyond just killing the parasites. These tablets also disrupt the life cycle of these parasites, helping to prevent future infestation of these pests as well.

Key Benefits of Bravecto

  • Eliminates and prevents the infestation of ticks and fleas for full 3 months
  • Prevents future infestation by interrupting the life cycle of ticks and fleas
  • Kills the parasites quickly after administration
  • Reduced risk of skin diseases
  • Easy to administer chewable tablets
  • Requires only 1 dose every 3 month
  • Suitable for all breeds of dogs