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Dogaholic Milky Chew Stick Style Dog Treat 30 pieces


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Dogaholic is a renowned brand that offers specially designed treats to fulfil the chewing needs of all dogs. They come in flavours like Barbeque Chicken, Milk, Salmon, Almond, Peanut butter etc, which are all delectable for all breeds of dogs. All the treats of Dogaholic are made from high quality, natural ingredients which are not only delicious but ensure excellent health in them as well.

These treats are also ideal for rewarding your dog during training sessions and act as snacks that can be given to them between meals. Dogaholic treats come in different sizes and shapes, so you can choose the best one for your furry friend.

Types of Dogaholic Treats

The treats of this brand essentially come in two types, viz, Stick Treat and Chew Bone Treat. Both have their special benefits and effectively fulfil the chewing needs of all breeds of dogs.

1) Stick Treat: These are delicious treats from Dogaholic in the shape of sticks. For instance, a stick treat like Dogaholic Max Barbeque Chicken Bacon Sticks can be fed to all breeds of dogs. Apart from an ample protein content, Dogaholic Sticks also contain Glucosamine and Chondroitin that soothes inflammation in bones and joints.

2) Chew Bone Treat: The Chew Bone Treat from Dogaholic effectively satisfies a dog’s natural urge to chew and also keeps their teeth and gums healthy. One of this brand's best chew bone treats is Dogaholic Milky Chew Bone Style Treat that suits all breeds of dogs. Their unique shape and texture help in clearing out Tartar and Plaque buildup between the dog’s teeth.

At PetsWorld, you will get Dogaholic treats in a wide range of flavours. The treats from this brand are great options for dog owners who want to provide their dogs with tasty and healthy treats. Besides, these treats work wonders in training your dog's tricks and commands as well.

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