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LetsShave EZ-WIZZY Pet Trimmer for Dogs & Cats


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Unleash Your Pet’s Best Look With LetsShave Trimmer!

LetsShave is a pet trimmer designed to make first-time owners with no professional grooming experience effortlessly clean their grooming of your dog and cat a walk in the park. This gadget helps even beloved pets to neat and clean. It can be used on all types of coats such as silky, thick, matty, thin, smooth, short, wavy, curly etc. 

This trimmer is equipped with precise blades having different lengths for comfortably trimming your pet’s fur. The varied blade lengths allow you to keep a wide range of looks in your pet, from the neat and tidy one to the more stylish one. Also, the trimmer is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable grip to owners to easily manoeuvre it on their pet’s body. 

Additionally, Let’s Shave trimmer offers both corded and cordless usage, which makes it highly convenient for pet owners. Above all, the IP7 technology of this trimmer makes it completely waterproof, adding tremendously to the device's safety. The device also offers other features like nail cutting, nail filing and combing of hair as well. 

If you are looking to buy a go to tool that offers you a stress-free and enjoyable grooming of your pet, then look no further than Let’s Shave Trimmer at PetsWorld. 

Key Features of Let’s Shave Trimmer

  • Contains high-quality stainless steel ceramic blades
  • IPX-7 Waterproof technology
  • LED Indicator for displaying the battery level
  • Provides silent operation for a peaceful grooming
  • Different blade lengths for different hair styles