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Mera, a renowned pet food brand from Germany, designs top-notch foods to ensure excellent health and wellbeing in your dogs. From puppy to senior dogs and from small to very large ones, Mera dog foods take care of all the nutritional needs of the dogs.  

The ingredients of all Mera dog foods are of premium quality, and they have undergone rigorous checks in their processing centre in Germany. Some of their highly delicious flavours include Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Rice, Milk etc. which are lip-smacking for almost all dog breeds. 

Key Benefits of Mera Dog Food

  • Provides top-notch nutrition for puppies and adult dogs
  • Serves exclusive dog foods for all breeds
  • Maintains bones and joints of the dogs in strong condition
  • Improves the overall-wellbeing of dogs
  • Supports excellent immunity in dogs

What are the Different Types of Mera Dog Food?

There are mainly two types of Mera Dog Food, which basically cover the nutritional needs of all breeds and life stages of dogs. Even though they both address different needs of the dogs, their ingredients are from the highest quality sources, and their quality control has undergone a strict manner. 

1) Mera Essential

If you are looking for a daily diet with top-quality nutrition for your dogs, then Mera Essential Dog Foods will be one of your best picks. This dog food consists of all the vital nutrients needed for your dog’s wellbeing and is apt for both family and high-performance level dogs. With Mera Essential, you will be offering top-notch diets to dogs of all life stages, be it puppies, 

2) Mera Pure Sensitive

If you are looking for an apt dog food for dogs suffering from food intolerance, then don’t look any further than Mera Pure Sensitive dog food. This is a highly nutritious dog food consisting of basic ingredients, making it easier to chew and digest by dogs having food intolerance. This tried and trusted nutrition contains just one protein and single carbohydrate source that suits all dog breeds, no matter how sensitive their digestive system is. 

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