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PawPaya Pet Wipes For Cats & Dogs 15 Wipes (20 x 18 cm)


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Pawpaya Pet Wipes

Introducing Pawpaya, the ultimate go-to choice for pet owners who are looking for a hassle-free way to maintain their pet’s hygiene. These wipes are specially designed to remove dirt, grime and unpleasant odour from the pet’s skin and also leave them fresh and energised. Pawpaya is ideal for all breeds of dogs and cats.

The ingredients of Pawpaya Wipes are gentle and are safe to be used on the most sensitive of skin types. Also, each wipe is infused with a pleasant fragrance that keeps them refreshed. These two factors make Pawpaya wipes ideal to be used as a quick touch between the bathing sessions of your pet.

Using Pawpaya Wipes is a walk in the park. Simply grab a wipe, gently cleanse your pet’s skin and see how it effortlessly removes the dirt from their coat. Regular use of this wipe helps prevent skin infections in your dogs and cats and keep them comfortable and happy.

Key Benefits of Pawpaya Wipes

  • Effectively removes dirt and odour from the pet’s skin
  • Maintains clean coat for a long time
  • Endows your dogs and cats with excellent fragrance
  • Prevents itching and scratching
  • Great alternative for baths and excellent for spot cleaning

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