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The world renowned company in pet accessories and cages, Savic came into being in 1950’s as a toolmaker for jewellery. Gradually, the company moved into the field of plastic pet accessories, and due to their superior quality and production standards, always maintained a leading position in the market. In 1999, Savic took over one of the giant companies (called ‘Goldnest’) in the market of pet products and assumed a more prominent position.To take on the future with equal confidence and retain its position as the market leader, the company goes for a makeover of its production technology from time to time. Thus by keeping itself abreast with technological breakthroughs, the organisation makes a wide range of premium quality and innovative products, and is known internationally.The products of Savic are of superior quality and offer user-friendly and stylish goods for your pet’s and your own convenience. There is a broad variety of products for cats, dogs and small pets, like Dog Bowls, Cat Bowls, Cat Litter Scoop, Dog Carriers, Dog Barrier Door, Dog Bed, Hamster Cage and Water Bottle