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Sniffy Chicken & Egg All Breed Puppy Food 3 kg


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Sniffy Chicken & Egg All Breed Adult Dry Dog Food 3 kg


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Sniffy Salmon & Egg All Breed Puppy Food 3 kg


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Sniffy Chicken & Egg All Breed Starter Dog Food 3 kg


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Sniffy Dog Food: Top Nutrition for Dogs at Every Life Stage

Choosing high-quality dog food for your beloved canines pays off well since it directly reflects on your dog’s overall health. Sniffy is a brand that offers nutritious and balanced dog foods for pregnant, puppies and adult dogs. They have ingredients that are ideal for all dogs and consist of essential vitamins and minerals that keep strong immunity in the dogs.

Why Choose Sniffy Dog Food?

Here are two important reasons you should choose Sniffy Dog Food for your dogs.

1) Premium Quality Ingredients

The dog foods from Sniffy have ingredients that are both delicious and power-packed with nutrition for boosting the overall health of your dogs. Below are the ingredients present in Sniffy Dog Foods,

  • Salmon: A highly nutritious fish, which is also an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids for keeping a healthy and shiny coat.
  • Chicken: A rich source of protein that boosts muscle mass and strength in dogs.
  • Eggs: Provides a good amount of protein and other vitamins for strength and muscle growth.

2) Specific Nutrition for All Life-Stages

Sniffy ensures that no dogs are left out of getting adequate nutrition to thrive, and hence designs a wide range of dog foods. Below are those,

a) For Puppies

A diet like Sniffy Salmon & Egg All-Breed Puppy Food is an ideal dog for puppies of all breeds. It is rich in protein for supporting excellent muscle mass and strength in the puppies. Besides, the diet also consists of essential fatty acids like EPA and DHA that promote a healthy brain and sharp vision. Vitamin E and Vitamin C are also present in the diet which offers the puppy a robust immunity to fight infections and diseases. 

b) Adult Dogs 

If you have a grown-up dog in your house, consider buying a diet like Sniffy Chicken & Egg All Breed Adult Dog Food. It has the goodness and essence of Real Chicken and Egg, providing your dogs with ample protein content to build lean muscle mass and strength. Also, the gluten-free formula of this food makes it suitable for even sensitive dogs.

c) Pregnant & Lactating Dogs

If you are looking for nutritious dog food for pregnant dogs, nursing or even weaning puppies, look no further than Sniffy Chicken & Egg All Breed Starter Dog Food. This diet has immune-boosting ingredients which keeps infections and diseases at bay. Also, this dog food offers an extensive amount of protein to build strong muscle mass. The diet is loaded with essential nutrients that cater to all the dietary needs of your pregnant dogs. 

Since your dogs deserve nothing but the best, feel free to check out all the nutritious Sniffy Dog Foods at PetsWorld, and get them with exciting discounts.