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American Bully

A happy, outgoing and confident dog, American Bully simply loves to please his master. He is an excellent family dog despite his aggressive looks and even gels with children as well.

Average sizes and life expectancy of the breed


33-50 cm


20-60 kg


8-13 years







Characteristics of the American Bully

Created in the United States in recent decades, the American bully can be cited as a kind of “mini pit bull”, to whom he is a very close relative. The breed may even look like he is hostile, but it is usually a dog that is super devoted to the family and stands out for its playful way. Yet, he is an extremely courageous breed who can put their lives on the line to protect their loved ones. American bullies are also known for being playful with children and would do anything to please their family. Lastly, socialisation is key when it comes to this breed as it will help you to curb any aggressive tendencies.

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With smooth and very short hair, super close to its body, the American bully needs to be brushed only once a week to remove dead hair with rubber gloves specifically for dogs. Their coat colors are extremely varied, with most of the colors recognized by the UKC (United Kennel Club), the only one that recognizes the breed so far. As it is relatively new, it is still being analyzed by other breeder clubs. Since American Bullies have shorter coats, it is easier to notice loose hairs and rough patches when you are petting them. If you don't brush them regularly, you will see hairs all around your house. Proper nutrition also go a long way in keeping excellent skin and coat health in American Bullies. Consider giving them a diet rich in Omega fatty acids that bolster the overall skin health of the dogs.

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Best Dog Foods For American Bully

As American Bullies have a muscular stature, they need a diet loaded with protein as well as fats. Protein helps build good muscle mass and endurance while fats provides the dogs with sufficient energy to pursue their play sessions. An active dog like American Bully needs a higher calorie content in comparison to other low active medium breed dogs. Regarding the feeding amount, Bully puppies who are between 12 weeks old to 6 months, need 3 meals a day. While transitioning to adult food, you have to do it slowly as your old puppies would find it difficult to eat it all of a sudden. So it would be best if you can mix both puppy and adult foods in half proportion and then feed it to your dogs. For adults, you may consider giving them food 3 times a day. Along with the diet, it would be good if you can give enough exercise to them as it helps in burning all extra calories they have consumed.

Grooming Your American Bully

Regular grooming helps a lot in keeping your American Bully's skin and coat healthy. Even though these dogs shed less, grooming is essential to eliminate the dead hairs that eventually gets accumulated on their coat. Regular brushing keeps the shedding to the least and also improves their skin health. Ideally, you should brush an American Bully at least once a week. This will reduce dirt, debris, dander and lice etc from their coat. Regular brushing also preserves the natural oils in their coat, keeping the skin soft and shiny. When it comes to bathing, they don't need it as much as long-haired dogs. Too much bathing can remove the natural moisture of your dog's skin and promote dryness and itching as well. So it would be best if you can only bathe them once in a month in summers and once in 2-3 months in winters. Lastly, if you are using a shampoo, use a hypo-allergenic one as these breeds are a little sensitive to allergies.

Taking Care of a American Bully

Bully Americans don't need very specific care, but they do need to expend energy daily. These dogs need frequent mental and physical activities so they don't get bored, becoming destructive and irritable. Try to diversify the type of exercise offered a little and always pay attention to the signs that your pet gives to know what your preferences are.


History of American Bullys

The American Bullies were bred in the 1980's in USA, for both physical and mental traits. To achieve the personality of a family dog, its basic base genealogy has been derived from American Staffordshire Terrier and various other small bull dog breeds. For the bully and the muscular stature, their foundation was created from the American Pitbull Terrier. For the past 25 years, American Bullies have been bred, bloodlines redefined and promoted all across the world. The breeders of this dog have developed this breed for a specific build and temperament that they are now a separate form the American Pitbull Terrier.

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