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Bolognese Dog

Sensitive, faithful and loving, Bolognese Dogs are one of the true companion dogs you will ever find. If you want an ideal apartment dog, these dogs are simply the best because they don't mind being left along for some time.

Average sizes and life expectancy of the breed


25-30 cm


2-6 kg


12-14 years







Characteristics of the Bolognese Dog

Having an Italian origin, the Bichon Bolognese is a gentle, balanced and friendly breed. Their intelligence, loyalty and sociability make one of the true companion dogs one will ever find. Well-trained, they can be taken almost anywhere and easily adapt to the owner's routine. As a member of the Bichon breed group - recognized as excellent companions - and in part because of its white coloring, the Bolognese has been a popular pet for centuries. It is the typical lap dog, thanks to its small size and friendly disposition. Its height varies between 25 and 30 centimeters, while its weight varies from 2 to 4 kilograms. The breed demands little physical activity and, due to its small size, it is a dog that can be easily raised in apartments.

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Similar to Bichon Frise Dogs, Bolognese dogs have a long fluffy coat with a pure white or an ivory colour. These dogs have a single layered coat, which many owners try to keep it short as they are easy to maintain. If you are a first time owner of Bolognese dogs, then you should know that regular grooming is essential for these dogs. They have a coat which can tangle, mat and knot pretty quickly if you are not giving them proper coat care. To maintain their coat in excellent condition, you need to groom them every 2-3 days, with bathing sessions of 1-2 times every month. Using shampoos & conditioners while bathing them also help a great deal in keeping their skin and coat in soft and supple condition. If you want to know the types of brush and combs to be used, read the grooming section of this breed which is given below.

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Best Dog Foods For Bolognese Dogs

Bolognese dogs need a balanced diet having a higher content of meat, which endows them with all the vital nutrients they need to grow. It is better to feed them a small breed dog food as it will perfectly fit their jaw size. Besides, their food should contain high protein content and moderate level of fats to support the dog's overall growth. You should also ensure that their foods consist of an essential fatty acid like Omega 3 that keeps a healthy skin and coat in them. Coming to the feeding quantity, an adult Bolognese dog would only need a cup of premium quality dry kibble per day, divided into two meals. Puppies will need a little less, which would be around 3/4 cups, divided into three meals up to 6 months of age. Note that, as Bolognese dogs are small breed, you should strictly avoid overfeeding them as they can quickly become obese. At PetsWorld, you can find the best small breed dog foods for Bolognese Dogs that help them nourish in the highest order.

Grooming Your Bolognese Dog

Despite being a low shedding dog, Bolognese Dogs have a significant grooming requirement. This is because their undercoat instead of shedding, gets trapped in the outercoat of these dogs which creates matting and tangling of the hair. Due to this, Bolognese Dogs need frequent brushing to eliminate dead hair and remove the problem of tangling as well. These dogs would also need bathing twice a month as these dogs accumulate stains pretty quickly. When it comes to brushing, you should brush their coat 3-4 times per week. You may need a pin brush and 2-in 1 comb that is very effective in cleaning them in the direction of their hair growth. If by chance you see a tangle or mat on their coat, try working it out with your fingers and then cleaning them out with the comb. Be sure to use Shampoos & Conditioners that effectively clears out the stains while keeping their skin healthy and shiny.

Taking Care of a Bolognese Dog

Because its coat repels dirt, the dog doesn't need so many baths. To avoid the formation of knots, it is necessary to brush it weekly. An advantage is that Bolognese does not shed. Therefore, dead hair is only found on the brush, and not around the house. As for exercise, the breed is content with an average amount of activity, but loves to accompany its parents on a long walk.


History of Bolognese Dogs

Bolognese Dogs are one of the several breeds that belongs to the Bichon family of dogs who originated in the Mediterranean sea a couple of thousand years ago. These dogs were popular trade items through the centuries due to their portability and an incredibly affectionate nature. By 19th century, their popularity had declined considerably and they were now reduced to street dogs who performed in the circus. But surprisingly World War 1, their popularity rose again and the breed was first recognised by American Kennel Club in 1973.

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