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Border Collie

The most intelligent dog on earth, Border Collie needs no introduction. He is an alert, energetic and exceptionally smart dog who has special love for his family members including children. This breed are excellent herders too.

Average sizes and life expectancy of the breed


46-56 cm


12-20 kg


10-17 years







Characteristics of the Border Collie

Border Collies are widely considered to be the most intelligent dog breed as their ancestors were trained rigorously for herding sheep. Being a smart dog, they are also great hard workers who just like to toil on the field. This doesn't mean they can't be family dogs. They are one of the best companion dogs around and they do well with children too. Although they are wary of strangers, you can make them sociable by training them at a young age. The best thing you can do to make Border Collies happy is by taking him into an open ground where they will rejoice their heart out.

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The Border Collie has two coat types: short and fluffy or long and thick, but both types have a soft, dense undercoat that protects them from varying temperatures. The most common coat is bicolor, white and black, but the breed also has a tricolor coat, variations of chestnut (color known as Australian red) and brown. In some dogs the hair has a “marbled” appearance and is called Merle. In the breed, dogs with predominant white are not well accepted. Although their fur doesn't create large tangles of knots, your Border Collie needs to be brushed frequently. In India it is common for them to shed a lot not only in warmer climates, but throughout the year. When it comes to brushing, a slicker brush would be great to clean their long, thick coats. This brush also helps to make their hair looks smooth and shiny.

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Best Dog Foods For Border Collies

An ideal diet of Border Collies should include raw meat, raw vegetables, fish, eggs, diary products etc. The common nutrient derived from all these foods is protein which is vital for his overall growth and development. Grain should be strictly avoided in their diet as these breeds are allergic to it. Some of the vegetables you should also avoid are Mushrooms, Onions, Tomato, Avocado etc. When it comes to feeding a puppy, divide their meals to three times a day as they need to eat a lot to support excellent growth. Once they cross 6 months, you can feed him 2 times a day. Also, do not overfeed them as these dogs are a bit vulnerable to obesity. Buy them a commercial dog food which consists of all nutrients including anti-oxidants. Antioxidants play a vital role in strengthening their defence mechanism to protect them from infection and diseases.

Grooming Your Border Collies

The grooming requirements of Border Collies are extremely basic. These dogs have a double coat with the guard coat which is longer than the undercoat, which needs to be groomed once every 4-8 weeks. The grooming sessions need to be more frequent especially during the shedding season, as these dogs tend to lose a fair amount of hair during this period. It is important to use a slicker brush to groom these dogs as it effectively removes dead hair and keeps the shedding to a minimum. When it comes to bathing, you can bathe him once in every 3 months and you may up the frequency if he is regularly out on a muddy adventure. Rest of the grooming needs are very basic. Trim their nails if needed and brush their teeth to maintain excellent dental hygiene and a fresher breath.

Taking Care of a Border Collie

The Border Collie usually sheds a lot of fur and in Brazil this can be something common. Daily brushing allows the dog to always have a very shiny and silky coat. You can already tell that physical activity is the second name of these dogs, right? Because, more than just walking throughout the day, the Border Collie needs to get things done to feel stimulated! It's part of the breed's personality to like to perform various activities, so we can't deprive them of that, which, for them, is pure fun. Games that stimulate this side, such as fetching the ball and bringing it to the tutor, competitions such as Agility and even tasks that help at home, such as picking up the newspaper and bringing it home, for example. All this, in addition to spending the dog's energy, stimulates their intelligence and makes them very satisfied! And remember that they need these activities to be done in wide open spaces. Playing ball in the living room will hardly solve. The diet, as with any breed, must be balanced, but for active dogs like this, attention must be redoubled to make sure they are receiving the correct amount of nutrients to replenish energy.


History of Border Collies

Sheepdogs are part of the history of the planet and over hundreds of years the main objective of breeding these dogs was to develop a breed that would perform this function as efficiently as possible. There are records dating from the 16th century that already show the existence of Border Collie dogs (which did not yet have that name). They were perfect for herding in the mountainous regions of Britain moving easily over 50 kilometers over uneven terrain and even in the cold for a single day. In addition, these dogs stood out for not being noisy and for grazing without barking or nibbling, just nimbly surrounding the herd.

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