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Considered among the most elegant dogs, Borzoi is loved for him calm, affectionate personality. But what makes him amazing is his incredible speed which can go up to a whopping 36 mph.

Average sizes and life expectancy of the breed


26-28 in


25-47 kg


7-10 years


Russia, Belarus





Characteristics of the Borzói

Bred in Russia, the Borzoi is one of the tallest dogs in the world, and it is impossible not to notice the presence of a specimen of the breed. Aloof and suspicious of strangers and skilled runners, these dogs are very dependent on their human families, suffering when they spend a period (even if short) away from them. You may find him a little stubborn when you will start them teaching tricks and commands. Although, this behaviour can be sorted out by positively rewarding them with dog treats.

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Although it may not look like it from a distance, the borzoi coat is silky in both variations (wavy or curly). This pet has longer hair on the neck, tail and paws. It's accepted colors are: Solid White, Gold, Black, Red, Gray, Spotted Brindle or Tricolor. You may also note thick feathering on their skin that covers their tail and rear end. Above all, the silky texture of their hair A weekly brushing is enough for the maintenance of its coat and also to keep them looking great. A pin brush would be great to remove any mats from behind the ears or between the legs. You should strictly avoid using a wire slicker brush which can ruin the coat of Borzois. These dogs are seasonal heavy shedders and may require a bit of shedding when they will experience a bit of hair fall. You also may be required to clean them with a nice shampoo and conditioner to keep their coat smooth and shiny.

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Best Dog Food For Borzóis

According to their activity level, Borzois need a balanced and nutritious diet to fulfil their energy needs. Their diet should consist of 22-25% of protein content, 15% fats, and should also include essential vitamins and minerals for maintaining a healthy metabolism in them. When it comes to their daily calorie intake, it entirely depends upon their life stage and activity level. While your Borzoi is still a puppy, you should feed them four times a day. This is needed to support their overall growth and development during their formative years. It would be best if you can feed them a top-notch commercial dog food which is exclusively made for large breed dogs. If you want to feed them human foods, some of the best of the lot are Chicken, Carrots, Cucumber, Melons which are all absolutely safe for the dogs. On the other hand, you should avoid them feeding foods like Citrus Fruits, Avocado, Ice Cream, Onion, Garlic etc.

Grooming Your Borzói

Even though Borzoi's hair are curly, wavy and long, it is not at all difficult to groom them. As these dogs are resistant to dirt and mud, which their coat drops on its own after it has become dried. All you need to clean them is a good pin brush which would easily remove dirt and debris. Regular brushing will keep their coat clean and also save furniture in your home as well. Regarding Bathing, you only need to bathe them once in every few weeks to maintain the lusture of their coat. To maintain excellent dental hygiene, brush their teeth with a high quality tooth brush. Last but not the least, keep their ears clean in order to prevent bacterial and yeast infections.

Taking Care of a Borzói

Excess hair between your pads can be a problem. A tosa in the region is indicated when the hair is too long. Brushing your pet's fur at least once a week with a plastic pin brush is ideal.


History of Borzóis

The Origin of Borzoi can be traced back to Russia in the 1650's, where they were called Russian Wolfhound. They were used by the Russian nobles to effectively hunt wolves. These dogs are then believed to have been crossed with Arabian Greyhounds to develop those dogs which are called the '"Modern Borzois" you see today. Although they were known for their ferociousness back in those days, today they are one of the most elegant and friendlier dogs you will find. However, they have a bit of stubbornness which makes them little harder to train.

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