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Boston Terrier

An affectionate and an even-tempered dog, Boston Terriers have a comical nature that will make your time fly. He is an ideal partner for those who are looking for a family companion dog.

Average sizes and life expectancy of the breed


16-17 in


4.5-11 kg


13-15 years


United Staes





Characteristics of the Boston Terrier

Created in the United States in the 19th century, the Boston Terrier was used to hunt mice and torture bulls. Somewhat similar to the French Bulldog, this dog is distinguished by not having so many wrinkles on the face and also by being less strong (weighing a maximum of 11Kg). Currently, it is considered a dog for company, but its past makes human parents from Boston to pay attention to the behavior of their four-legged children - as some dogs can be more dominant and defiant in relation to other animals.

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With short and fine hair, the most common Boston Terrier is black with White, but there are also brindle with White, Brown with White and Seals with White. These dogs don't come in solid colours like Black, Gray; Liver and White. One should be wary of breeders who try to sell you one of the dogs having a "rare"colour, as it would be surely having some or the other health issues. If the breeder is not sticking to breed standard, it is surely a sign of a "low quality breeder". When it comes to grooming, you should brush these dogs with a firm bristle brush weekly. These brushes help in removing the dirt and debris from their undercoat quickly. Another great grooming brush for Boston Terriers is Rubber Curry Brush that provides your dogs with a smoothing sensation all over their body.

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Best Dog Food For Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers require a wholesome and nutritious dog food, consisting mainly of high-quality protein and moderate level of animal fats. Also as they are known to quickly gain weight, you should prevent them from over-eating. It would be best if you can feed them a top-notch commercial dog food which would provide them with adequate calories necessary for their growth. When it comes to the feeding amount, Puppies should be fed at least 3-4 times a day to ensure they grow big and strong. Once they grow up, you can reduce their feeding amount to 2-3 times a day. It is advised to dog owners that they feeding these dogs ingredients like corn, wheat, rice and soy which can trigger allergies to this breed quickly. Last but not the least, while choosing a diet for Boston Terriers, select one which has high protein content and an absolute grain-free formulation.

Grooming Your Boston Terrier

If you are not interested in a high-maintenance dog that requires constant brushing and bathing, then Boston Terrier can be the right breed for you. As these dogs have a short, fine textured coat that doesn't attract much dirt, you can wipe their coat even with a damp towel. When it comes to shedding, these dogs shed minimally and you can do a bit of brushing to keep their hair fall to the very least. It is also a good idea to brush these dogs with a grooming mitt or a rubber glove to improve blood circulation on their skin, which significantly improves the sheen of their coat as well. Regarding bathing, you can bathe them once in every 4 to 6 weeks to keep them looking good. Also, use a dog shampoo or conditioner to get rid of the "doggy smell" during the monsoons. Additional grooming includes trimming of nails where you can cut their toe-nails once they have grown beyond the mark.

Taking Care of a Boston Terrier

Because their ears are erect and quite large, Bostonians are prone to ear infections and other ear problems. Specimens that have wrinkles on the snout need special attention in this region: cleaning with specific products for pets and keeping them dry are fundamental behaviors to avoid problems with fungi and dermatitis, in general. The skin, by the way, always requires a little attention. Weekly "Inspections" can help identify problems early.


History of Boston Terriers

Boston Terriers are first American creation of a purebred dog. Although initially in the 1800's, they were bred for terrible and violent practice of dog fighting but today they are great family companions. After 1900's, much scientific breeding has been done to design a terrier dog with clean cut short heads. snow white markings, dark eyes and a lean medium body. This is what led to the modern Boston Terrier that you see today, Fast forward to the 21st century, Boston Terriers are now being used in numerous advertisements and paper ads. These dogs can also be seen as therapy dogs in many healthcare centres. Their affability makes them excellent companions for children.

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