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Chinese Crested Dog

Watchful and affectionate are the two words that best describe the Chinese Crested Dogs. He makes an excellent companion and owners can expect a lot of cuddles and kisses if they are raising a dog of this breed.

Average sizes and life expectancy of the breed


25-34 cm


2-6 kg


13-15 years


Africa, Mexico





Characteristics of the Chinese Crested Dog

Chinese Crested Dogs are cheerful and happy-go-lucky dog breed who likes to always snuggle down with their owners. Also, they like to be in the spotlight and crave for constant attention. It is important to note that the hairless variety of this breed generally likes to be clingy while the powder-puff ones tend to be more independent. When you are not around the house, Crested Dogs will play with their toys or other any stuff they find engaging to play with. Lastly, this is a sensitive dog who will always be aware of your emotions. If you are either happy or sad, it will rub off on your Chinese Crested Dog.

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A visual highlight of the canine, the almost hairless version has only long hair on the head (the famous “crest”) and on the paws. In the other version (powderpuff) the undercoat is woolly and the coat is long, fine and silky, which adorns the dog like a veil, and does not require much special care. A surprise is that even in the version with few hairs, they tend to fall out in large numbers and you have to keep them trimmed. Another curiosity is that the Chinese Crested Dog tolerates heat very well and, contrary to popular belief, it is not essential to treat its smooth skin with canine creams or sunscreens (except when recommended by the veterinarian). When it comes to crested dogs, regular baths are usually enough to keep the skin healthy. Regarding the powderpuff ones, you may have to do some brushing every week.

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Best Dog Food For Chinese Crested Dog

As Chinese Crested Dogs lead a fairly active lifestyle, their diet should be filled with high quality protein. Protein can be given to them from sources like fish and red meat. Dog enthusiasts should note that some of the specimens of this breed can be allergic to chicken and hence, it should only be given after consulting with the Veterinarian. These dogs also need essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, E and D in order to maintain strong bones and excellent skin health as well. Though these dogs can be fed both dry and wet dog foods, you should always keep a bowl of water besides their meal. When it comes to the feeding amount, puppies can be fed 3-5 times a day. Despite the excellent appetite of this breed, puppies should not be overfed owing to the risk of obesity. Adult Chinese Crested Dog should be fed twice a day, once in the morning as well as in the evening, preferably after their routinely walk.

Grooming Your Chinese Crested Dog

Even though Chinese Crested Dog is a wash and wear dog, a thorough bath is of immense importance when it comes to keeping them clean. Firstly, you need to give them a gentle preliminary bath to remove dirt, debris, oil and grease in order to restore the original sheen of their coat. It is recommended that you always choose the mildest shampoo as Chinese Crested Dogs have a sensitive skin. You can bathe these dogs every once in a week. When it comes to brushing, you will have to do once in a week to keep the coat from matting and tangled. A soft brush is excellent for brushing these dog as it effectively removes dead hair and rake from their skin. You may have to comb gently so that you will avoid irritating the dog's sensitive skin. Rub moisturiser often on their skin in order to keep it smooth and delicate.

Taking Care of a Chinese Crested Dog

Socialization needs to start early so the puppy doesn't become shy or fearful. It is a more homely dog and requires minimal exercise, but mental stimulation is very important, bet on the most varied games and short walks, which also help with socialization.


History of Chinese Crested Dogs

Chinese Crested Dogs are not really from China. They are believed to have been evolved either from Africa or Mexico, who were then made hairless dogs by the Chinese. Most probably, these dogs accompanied the Chinese Sailors in ships and then they got spread all across the globe. By the middle of 19th century, Crested became one of the popular dogs in many European countries. Another interesting thing is that Chinese people believed them having magical healing powers and these dogs were mainly kept by emperors due to this.

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