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English Springer Spaniel

An extremely friendly dog, English Springer Spaniel is an ideal family companion and a great playmate for children. Also, they exhibit a willingness to learn which makes it very easy for owners to teach them tricks and commands.

Average sizes and life expectancy of the breed


46-56 cm


18-25 from


12-14 years







Characteristics of the English Springer Spaniel

Although English Springer Spaniel was developed as a hunting dog, it also get along fantastic with humans. The dogs has been known to participate in agility competitions, hunting test, tracking, and obedience trials, owing to its athleticism and versatility. Above all, he is a great friend to those who can take him run or walk. Owners of English Springer Spaniels will have no time teaching them tricks and commands as these dogs are extremely eager and quick to learn stuff. A part of their curiousness comes from their lineage as their ancestors were retriever dogs who used to hunt and retrieve games.

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English Springer Spaniel's coat is double-layered, which means that there is an insulating undercoat covered with a topcoat. This is just like how a person might put a coat over a shirt to keep warm. One should brush this dog's hair at least three times a week to keep him looking good and prevent the hair from tangling. In fact, hair sheds moderately year-round, mainly after winter for keeping their hair cool in summers and spring. Their coat generally come in colours like liver and white, but you may also see them black and white and tri-colour. When it comes to brushing the English Springer Spaniel, you may use a slicker brush which effectively helps in working out the knots without harming the dog. Not only does it's torso need the grooming, their ears too need to be inspected as they have a thick hair surrounding it.

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Best Dog Food For English Springer Spaniels

English Springer Spaniels require a diet which consist of protein as it's chief ingredient. This is primarily because they are an active dog breed and will indulge in lots of activities throughout the day. So it would be good if you can feed them foods made out of chicken, turkey, fish or even lamb. Also, as these dogs will weigh around 44 to 55 pounds when fully grown, they have to be fed around 1400 calories per day. Though senior English Springer Spaniels who are inactive would be satisfied with a calorie content upto 900 cal per day. Apart from protein, English Springer Spaniel also need a good amount of fibre as this nutrient support excellent digestive health and nutrient absorption. Also, it doesn't matter if you are feeding dry or wet foods as both provide adequate nutrition. If you are feeding treats, try to place them in a dog toy as it will keep them engaged for a long time.

Grooming Your English Springer Spaniel

If you have an English Springer Spaniel, you may have to take some time every now and then for grooming for these dogs. They need to be brushed weekly so that you can remove the problem of tangling and matting of the hair. For brushing, you may take the help of slicker brush and dog comb which assists in working out the knots without harming the dog. Also, several dog experts suggest you can hand pick the dead hair from the dog's coat as it has already detached from the hair roots. This means your dogs won't feel the pain at all while you are plucking the hair. When it comes to bathing, you only need to bathe them once every two month as these dogs won't catch the 'dog odour' quickly. You may want to use good dog conditioner and shampoo as these effectively cleanses dirt and grime from the dog's skin.

Taking Care of a English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniels are devoted and loving dogs who can live comfortably in most homes as long as they get plenty of daily exercise. The amount of activities must be relatively high, since they are hunting dogs, and also because of their intense strength. Two walks or an intense run a day will be enough to keep your Springer healthy, of course, plus some playtime they love.


History of English Springer Spaniels

English Springer Spaniel is thought to have originated in Spain and was probably introduced to the Britons by the Roman Legions. There are several paintings of dogs identical to the English Spaniels from 16th and 17th century. The first English Springer Spaniel in North America of traceable lineage was imported from England to Canada in 1913. Within few decades, the breed had risen from the ranks of the unknown to becoming one of the most popular dogs in the world.

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