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Fox Terrier

Enthusiastic, playful, feisty and lively, Fox Terrier dogs are classic example of family dogs. They are highly intelligent dogs who are easy to train and exhibit high energy that will never make you bored.

Average sizes and life expectancy of the breed


33-41 cm


6-9 kg


12-15 years







Characteristics of the Fox Terrier

Lively, active, alert and cute, Fox Terrier has all the qualities of a good terrier. These dogs are originally from Great Britain, and their ancestors have known to be emerged from the crossing of different breeds such as Dachshunds, Beagles and other Terriers. The breed has two distinct standards: the wire-haired and the smooth-haired Fox Terrier. The oldest record of the first animals of this breed dates from 1790 and is a painting belonging to Colonel Thomas Thornton that showed his dog Pitch, very similar to the Fox Terrier we know today.

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As the name itself suggests, the coat is the only difference between the wire-haired and the smooth-haired Fox Terrier Smooth-Haired Fox Terrier: Abundant, dense and straight. The white color predominates with spots of different colors such as brown, red, brindle and black. Wire-Haired Fox Terrier: Very dense and hard texture with short, soft undercoats. The muzzle has rough and voluminous hair, a very striking feature of the breed. The predominant color is also white with red, black, brown and brindle spots.

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Taking Care of a Fox Terrier

The Fox Terrier breed is not suitable for first-time owners, as they require special attention. It is also because, as they are a highly energetic breed, fulfilling their energy requirements can be difficult for a first time dog-owner. Owing to their high energy, they need at least 45 minutes a day, in addition to stimulating games and play. To boost their physical activity, one can hide toys and treats which will encourage them to move around. Doing this shall also stimulate the hunting instinct of this breed. Fox Terriers can be raised in apartments, as long as the aforementioned activities are carried out in open spaces and outdoors. Otherwise. the dog can get very bored and anxious, resulting in unwanted behaviour like excessive barking and destruction of things. Hair loss is moderate and brushing weekly can reduce the shedding even more. However, Wire-Haired Fox Terriers may need a little more grooming due to the thickness of the hair. You can seek the help of a professional to keep the grooming up to date,