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Lapponian Herder

Lapponian Herder is a friendly and playful dog who is known to form bonds with humans instantly, especially with young children. Also, this breed is exceptionally smart and they can learn tricks and commands unhesitatingly.

Average sizes and life expectancy of the breed


46-51 cm


15-25 kg


10-14 years







Characteristics of the Lapponian Herder

In the land of Santa Claus, the Lapland Finnish Shepherd, also known as the Nordic Spitz and Lapponian Herder, was developed as a reindeer herder. It is a dog that is always ready to serve and is an example of loyalty. With a disposition for hours and hours of work, the furry has an enviable strength and likes to show off his qualities. He is always alert and ready to protect his family with great courage. Besides, he is incredibly affectionate and likes to play with their humans, especially children for a long time.

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As it is a typical dog of the arctic region, it has an abundant coat of fur, which takes care of the whole body, especially the neck and chest. The double coat is medium to long in length, straight and rough and they can generally be seen in black in different shades and also in dark brown with lighter shades. Regular brushing is recommended to remove excess dirt and dead hair. Also, Lapponian Herder is a dog that is known to shed a fair bit of hair and hance, consistent grooming is a must to keep them neat and clean. Though weekly brushing is suggested for this breed, you can increase the brushing frequency during the shedding season. With proper grooming, you can not only keep their hair clean but also make their coat healthy and shiny. When it comes to using the right brush, a slicker brush is a fantastic option for Lapponian Herder as it effectively removes dead hair and grease.

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Best Dog Food For Lapponian Herder

As Lapponian Herder are big dogs, they thrive on a diet rich in protein as well as fats. Also, it would be best if you can feed them foods like cooked eggs, vegetables, fruits and cottage cheese etc which would give them the necessary nutrition. Owners need to see that Lapponian Herders are not eating way beyond their daily limit as these dogs can quickly get obese. So it would be wise to feed them foods as per the daily feeding chart prescribed by the veteranarian. As a rule of thumb, you can feed them three times a day as per the feeding chart. When it comes to type of food, Lapponian Herder can be given both dry and canned dog food. Dry dog foods help in keeping good oral health while wet and canned dog foods help in maintaining excellent digestive health in these dogs. Do remember that for Senior Lapponian Herders, it would be good that you give them a low calorie diet as they would mostly be leading an inactive lifestyle.

Grooming Your Lapponian Herder

Even though Lapponian Herders have a thick, double coat, their grooming needs are actually minimal. Their coats are shoat and won't be experiencing the problem of matting. These dogs generally shed twice a year and brushing their coat regularly can minimise hair accumulation in the house. During other times of the hair, regular brushing is all you need to keep their coat in good shape. Note that these dogs have thick, long fur around their neck and thighs and they should be checked for briars every time. Regarding the type of brush, slicker brush is the best one for these breed as it effectively removes the dead hair from their coat. When it comes to bathing, it is only necessary if dirt accumulates in the coat due to outdoor activities. Owners also need to brush their teeth and their nails be trimmed depending on their wear. One also need to check this dog's ear regularly for redness, foul odors and discharge as well. These are all infection symptoms and one needs to consult vet as soon as they notice this.

Taking Care of a Lapponian Herder

As mentioned, Lapponian Herder is a rare breed to be found and, hence, it is not possible to define "care", which is different from the rest of the dogs. Just ensure good quality foods, physical and mental activities and also semiannual or annual check-ups with a veterinarian. If you can do this much, he will be absolutely fine.


History of Lapponian Herders

Lapponian Herder is an ancient Scandinavian dog, which was originally bred by Sámi People, an indigenous nomadic tribe in Finland and Norway. They relied on these dogs to herd reindeer, making them earn the nickname Reindeer Dogs. There were major threat to these dogs in the past. First one was in the Lapland War, which was fought in closing stages of World War 2, where a lot of Lapponian Herders lost their lives. Second was the arrival of snowmobiles in the reindeer husbandry. Thanks to the revival attempt of these dogs by herdsmen, Lapponian Herder today is thriving in Finland.

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