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Counted among the most powerful dogs in the world, Rottweilers are gentle playmates and and a strong protector within the family. Experienced and energetic pet parents will find a life-long friend in Rottweilers.

Average sizes and life expectancy of the breed


56-69 cm


35-60 kg


8-10 years







Characteristics of the Rottweiler

Rottweilers are good-natured, loving, loyal and a fearless dog breed having a strong natural instinct to protect their loved ones. Initially bred as a working dog, they have inherited their ancestor's strength and energy to toil hard. Rottweilers are therefore happiest when they have a task to perform. Though they are big, strong and mean in their demeanour, they are actually loving dogs who are extremely attached to their humans.

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The coat of the Rottweiler is one of the main features of this breed and it does not have variations: the hair is black with brown (golden) coloration in delimited and specific parts. This is what makes them a unique breed. As for their coat type, it is double Coated, short, hard and thick. You will generally see Rottweilers coming in colours like Black and Mahogany, Black and Tan, and Black and Rust. This magnificent colour combination is what makes them a highly elegant dog breed. Even though the hair loss in them is moderate, it happens throughout the year. Daily brushing help prevents large amounts of loose hair around the house, apart from ensuring that fabulous shine of the breed. Using a soft-bristled brush will tremendously help you to reduce the shedding and to keep healthy skin as well. You may only need to bathe them once, preferably between 2 to 8 weeks, as per their lifestyle and activity level.

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Best Dog Food For Rottweilers

As Rottweilers are a strong breed, they need healthy amount of protein in their diet, ranging between 22 and 26 percent. Also, their daily calorie intake could range anywhere between 2000 and 2200 calories, owing to huge figure. However, you should not overfeed them come what may, as these dogs are quite vulnerable to obesity. While buying a diet, choose one which has Omega fatty acids , as it alleviates stomach inflammation in the Rottweilers which is mainly caused by food allergies. Also, you may consider dividing their meal into three portions throughout the day, instead of giving them one large meal at a time. The only reason to do this is because, Rottweilers can experience bloating if they are fed huge amounts of food at at time. If properly fed, they can become strong and wonderful dogs, who will put their life on their line to ensure your safety.

Grooming Your Rottweiler

Do you know one reason why Rottweilers are amongst the sought-after dogs in the world? They require very less grooming when compared to most other dog breeds, as they have a thin and flat coat. You can bathe them every two to eight weeks, depending upon their activity and lifestyle. Make no mistake, Rottweilers do shed even if they have a thin coat, which mainly occurs because of their double coat. They mainly shed a lot during spring and winters, and to reduce the problem, you can use a soft-bristled brush. Using this brush will significantly help you to remove all dead undercoat in the dog's coat.

Taking Care of a Rottweiler

As you might expect, the Rottweiler needs daily physical activity, though it doesn't have to be very intense. Walking accompanied by their owner is all these dogs want. Playing and stimulation are also essential to keep their concentration and mind working at full steam, as well as preventing them from being idle. Rottweiler dogs also have a tendency to put on weight, so even with daily physical exercise, the diet has to be balanced and controlled. Hair loss is moderate and year-round, but in spring and summer it happens more intensely. Hence, you should be prepared for daily brushing and sweeping around the house. Nonetheless, they are very hygienic dogs and need baths only once in a month.


History of Rottweilers

Rottweilers are one of the oldest herding breeds. They have a history dating back to the Roman Empire, as they are believed to be the descendants of the old Roman driver dogs, a mastiff type dog that was dependable and had good guarding instincts. During the pursuit to conquer Europe, Romans travelled in huge numbers across the whole continent. Also, a lack of refrigeration meant they had to carry foods with them. They brought their eatables on cattle and the Roman dogs were used to herd and guard them. These dogs have been said to have used by travelling butchers during the Middle Ages to guard money pouches tied around their necks. They nearly became extinct in the late 18th Century as railroads became the most prominent way for moving stock into the market. Nevertheless, the build-up to World War 1 saw a great need for police dogs which revived the people’s interest in Rottweilers. During the course of both World War 1 and World War 2, Rottweilers gave services in various roles like ambulance, messenger, drought and guard dogs.

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