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  • Bone Health: Drools Absolute Calcium Tablets are rich in calcium and phosphorus, which are essential minerals for maintaining strong bones and teeth. They support optimal bone development and density.
  • Vitamin D3: The inclusion of vitamin D3 enhances calcium absorption and utilization in the body, further promoting healthy bones.
  • Growing Puppies: Ideal for growing puppies, as they have increased calcium requirements during their rapid growth phases.
  • Pregnant and Nursing Dogs: Pregnant and nursing dogs require extra calcium to support both their own health and the development of puppies. These tablets can help meet their increased needs.
  • Senior Dogs: Senior dogs are more susceptible to bone-related issues, and this supplement can aid in maintaining their bone health and mobility.
  • Dental Health: Strong teeth are crucial for overall health, and calcium plays a key role in dental health.
  • Easy Administration: The tablets are easy to administer and can be given directly or mixed with food, making supplementation hassle-free.
  • Overall Well-Being: Proper calcium levels are essential for the functioning of muscles, nerves, and blood clotting, contributing to your dog's overall well-being.
  • Support for Dogs of All Ages: While particularly beneficial for puppies, pregnant/nursing dogs, and seniors, these tablets can benefit dogs of all life stages.


DROOLS Absolute Calcium Tablets are a specialised dietary supplement that addresses the calcium needs of dogs. These tablets offer a convenient and effective way to ensure that your furry companion maintains strong bones and healthy teeth. Packed with calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D3, this formula supports optimal bone development and maintenance, making it particularly beneficial for growing puppies, pregnant or nursing dogs, and senior dogs prone to bone-related issues. The tablets are easy to administer, promoting hassle-free daily supplementation. By providing essential nutrients, these tablets contribute to your dog's overall well-being and vitality. With DROOLS Absolute Calcium Tablets, you can take proactive steps to support your dog's bone health, helping them lead a happy and active life.


Calcium 8%, Phosporus 6.6%, Magnesium 0.2%, Vitamin D31200 IU, Vitamin B12 20mcg, Thiamine Hydrochloride (vit. B1) 3mg/kg, Nicotinamide (vit. B3) 21mg/kg, Vitamin C 150mg, Excipients Q.S.


  • Brand: Drools
  • Number of Items: 1
  • Form: tablet
  • Country Of Origin: IN
  • Diet Type: 
  • Net Quantity: 400 g
  • Special Use: Teeth, Strong Bone, Effective to attract fussy eaters, Teeth and Gums Cleaning, Hygiene
  • Care Instruction: Store in dark and cool Place
  • Intended Use: Tooth Problems, Growth and Performance, Teething, Teeth Cleaning, For Healthy Teeth and Gums


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  • Expiration Type: expiration-on-package
  • Shelf Life: 24 Months

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