Nutricare Haemomax Anemic Pet Syrup 200 ml


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  • Helps in the production of red blood cells and improves overall blood health in anemic pets.
  • Contains a blend of key ingredients such as iron, vitamins (like vitamin B12 and folic acid), and minerals that are crucial for the synthesis of hemoglobin and red blood cells.
  • Iron is a vital mineral that plays a significant role in carrying oxygen throughout the body.
  • Haemomax provides a supplemental source of iron to help combat anemia in pets.
  • Syrup is formulated to be safe for pets and is typically recommended by veterinarians for dogs, cats, and other small animals suffering from anemia.
  • Improve pet's energy levels, overall well-being, and promote a healthy recovery from anemia.


Nutricare Haemomax Anemic Pet Syrup is a tonic that is rich in iron and highly delicious in taste. It contains a special blend of glycine-chelated minerals, Vitamin B-complex, and amino acids. This tonic is an effective solution to prevent and treat anemic conditions in pets. In addition, it helps to improve the health of weak and debilitated animals while reducing stress.


  • Brand: Nutricare
  • Manufacturer: Nutricare Life Science Limited
  • Country Of Origin: IN
  • Net Quantity: 200 ml

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