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Trixie Lightweight Foldable Dog & Cat Step Stairs


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Trixie Petwalk Folding Ramp for Dogs


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Trixie PineWood Cat & Dog Step Stairs


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Buy the Best Steps and Ramps Online For all Dogs

When dogs attain seniorhood, they may face difficulty in jumping in elevated areas, unlike how they did it when they were younger. This is mainly due to joint issues like arthritis and hip dysplasia in them. Similarly, small breed dogs like Pugs, Dachshunds, Shih Tzu etc cannot climb moderate heights due to their short stature.

This is where pet accessories like Steps and Ramps come into play. These are highly beneficial kits for ageing dogs, small breeds, and injured dogs to have great mobility and to travel with their owners easily.

At PetsWorld, you can see several dog steps for high bed, sofa, cars etc that help your dogs to go up easily. Similarly, you will find good pet ramps here that allow your senior dogs to climb down quite easily. 

Pet Steps vs Pet Ramps

One doubt that exists in most dog owners is whether to buy a pet step or a pet ramp. This will be cleared once you understand the basic usefulness of both these dog kits. So here are the definitions of both,

1) Pet Steps: Pet steps are long planks that consist of mini stairs which help your dogs to climb onto elevated areas easily. They are usually placed next to a sofa or a bed which makes it easy for the small breed dogs to go up. Pet steps are also best for those dogs who can’t jump off elevated areas, as they can easily climb down using stairs. However, dogs with limited mobility will find it tough to use pet steps as they can’t put pressure on their feet. 

Key Benefits of Pet Steps

  • Makes it easier for dogs to climb on beds, sofas, cars etc
  • Provides your dogs with the confidence to climb down
  • Eliminates anxiety and stress in dogs
  • Easy to attach to any elevated surfaces
  • Comes in various sizes that suit all breeds of dogs

2) Pet Ramps: Pet ramps are ideal for dogs with trouble moving, either from ageing or injury. Owners are often seen lifting their senior dogs to help them climb down, although this is a bad idea as it can create back problems in them. This is where Pet Ramps are useful, as they easily help your dogs to come down. The best thing about Pet Ramps is that they are portable, foldable, and ideal for indoor and outdoor use. 

Key Benefits of Pet Ramps

  • Helps senior dogs to get down easily from elevated surface
  • Makes it easier for owners to take their ageing dogs to places
  • Less stress in the bones and joints of the dogs
  • Prevents the risk of injury as there is no jumping and hopping
  • Portable and foldable
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors